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Ultra Street Fighter 4 PS4 patch is live


Jun 9, 2004
I also think the patch reduced the thick black outline surrounding fighters. I know comparison screen shots show backgrounds are a bit blurrier, but coming off a two-year hiatus I wouldn't have noticed a difference.

USF4 at $25 is a good deal now, gang. Super happy.

Oddly enough, I didn't have any issues with the antialiasing, but that's not usually something that bothers me too much. It seemed ok to me. Could be better I guess, I dunno. Just the total lack of AF turned on in multiple stations jumped out. I checked and it's just just like the PC version if you turned the filtering setting to zero. Not having played it recently, I could see it not being as noticeable, but the ground just looks bad if you played the PC version or are familiar with the AF issue in other games like DmC.

That and at the higher resolution, the lower-res move/hit effects they used stick out. Kinda like how the hit effects stood out in UMvC3 on the Vita as being lower-res, but not as extreme. Hope they fix these too.


Jul 13, 2009
Has Lab Zero had any contact about improving the driver implementation? I'm still hoping that it'll be addressed in one of these patches. Obviously input lag, major bugs, and other jankiness should take precedence.


Nov 30, 2013
Before I take the plunge, I've gotta ask one more time: This port is officially better than the PS3 version of the game, right? I won't have any regrets upgrading to it now?