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Ultraman Trading Card Kickstarter Campaign is now live!


Sep 17, 2011
Check out this link for the campaign:

Do you remember the tv show ULTRAMAN? I'm 49 and watched the show everyday after school along with Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. Ok now the cool part: A Kickstarter campaign by RR Parks Trading Cards went live this morning for a massive Ultraman trading card collection. I backed at the $180 tier. Jump on this if you can! Also, it's Ultraman's 55th Birthday this July. Now that the nasty legal fight over the I.P. was won by Tsuburaya Productions(Ultraman's rightful creator) there's a flood of Ultraman merchandise hitting North America.

Here's Factory Entertainment with lunchboxes, light up plushies of Ultraman and Gomora and the "Holy Grail"-a 1:1 scale prop of the Beta Capsule(I have this pre-ordered) find those here: https://www.factoryent.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ultraman&Submit=

Marvel Comics just launched "The Trials of Ultraman" comic book series: https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/the-kaiju-are-unleashed-in-the-trials-of-ultraman-trailer

Ultraman MEGO figures. Yes, MEGO! https://www.amazon.com/Mego-Action-...&keywords=ultraman+mego&qid=1616516652&sr=8-1

Just Funky Ultraman Blankets: https://www.amazon.com/JUST-FUNKY-U...rds=just+funky+ultraman&qid=1616516706&sr=8-1

I love the resurgence of Ultraman in North America. It instantly takes me back to the late #70s and early #80s when life was more innocent....
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