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Uncharted 4 getting an open beta?


Mar 2, 2010
Surprisingly good MP. Would prefer you could shop for all items in game instead of using a predefined loadout. But whatever, I'll be spending a good deal of time here.

How many maps does it launch with?


Mar 12, 2015
I'm a little surprised at my lack of interest in this. I was in love with UC2 and The Last of Us multiplayer but this looks more along the lines of UC3. I'll definitely make time for it but that is so I can give the UC4 engine a try. I hope this surprises me like The Last of Us though.

One thing that has been bugging me though are the graphics and resolution. Is it just me or does Star Wars: Battlefront look better? I just find that highly unusual when it comes to ND's past games. I haven't done a side by side so this is just my impression. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.