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Uncharted 4 street date broken as thieves steal copies

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Shu Yoshida said:
We have some unfortunate news to report that a number of copies of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were stolen while in transit. While we are continuing to work with the police to resolve the matter – which is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation – it appears that a few copies of the game have surfaced in the UK.

We know that very many of you have been looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to the latest masterpiece from Naughty Dog. From what I have played of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, I can tell you that it is very much worth the wait. As with most Naughty Dog games, the unfolding story is such an integral part of the experience and for this reason we wanted to warn you to beware of the potential for spoilers to be posted by people with access to stolen copies of the game. An extremely talented team has worked long and hard to bring Nathan Drake’s greatest adventure to life and we would urge you to help us prevent this from being spoilt by purchasing copies of the game ahead of the launch date. Please rest assured we will be very vigilant to protect you from this as far as we can so you can enjoy Uncharted 4’s experience to its fullest on May 10th.


The amazon thing was a system glitch. However there are some small stores already selling the game. So be carefull out there fellas!



Some UK retailer(s) are selling it


"I went in to CEX... to actually buy myself a camera lens," Shabz told us, "and when I went to the counter to purchase the lens I saw behind the shop assistant that there was Uncharted 4 so as a try I said can I also get a copy of Uncharted 4, he just picked it up and rang it through the till. The game cost £55."

Shabz tells us that he's already played the game's first two chapters, and that the single-player campaign "is so far running fine". "May have a few frame drops but not so noticeable," he said, adding that "at heavy firefight it wasn't too bad with framerates".

Multiplayer isn't yet playable, however, he added, with the option currently "greyed out" on the main menu. Trophies aren't yet synching to Sony's servers either, nor is the trophy list viewable in the trophies area. The DLC code included with the Day One Edition, which includes bonus multiplayer DLC, doesn't yet work either, Shabs says.

via http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/uncharted_4/news/uncharted_4_street_date_broken_in_the_uk.html
It seems that Amazon is already dispatching copies of Uncharted 4.

Thus far I've collected reports of amazon.co.uk and amazon.de who reportedly already dispatched orders.

Some gamers might have have gotten their hands on the highly awaited first party title ahead of time. At least that's what users are reporting on the Uncharted subreddit.

"Copies are in the wild already, so beware of spoilers." a user cautions his fellows by adding in a link to a twitter posting


Independently thisgengaming.com reports that amazon has begun the dispatching procedures for NaughtyDog's blockbuster game. The website "proves" this by adding in a screenshot of a user's amazon order page, who is situated in Rockford, Illinois, and might even recieve his copy today. Other users also report that amazon is preparing to dispatch their orders as well.

The same seems to go for the German wep page of the online retailer. A look onto the order page of one of our reporters shows that amazon is getting ready to dispatch his order, set for a delivery on April 27th.

Whether this is an error in amazon's software or if they are truly dispatching orders ahead of time remains to be seen.

Source - PC Games (German)

Sorry for the translation being a bit rough. I'm in kind of a hurry.

Throw me off a cliff if old.


Most likely a system error. Under the part the screenshot shows it says release date is 10th may... so most likely the delivery dates didn't get updated as the release date got updated.
Man just last night, I thought, "why not order over amazon and have it as soon as possible?".
But eventually decided against it. Last game delivery arrived in a completely broken case and 70€ is a tad too expensive for my taste.

Just ordered a copy from Amazon on the off chance it happens to me. Doubt it, but fuck it. That being said, I got very lucky last year with MGSV at SimplyGames last year. And before that, I got PS3 and 360 copies of GTA V a few days before launch.
Welp. *preorders on amazon*

Wasn't the whole point of the last minute delay to have more shipments? Why send them to retailers 2 weeks early?

I hope my TGC preorder is sent early :p
I don't know why people are surprised by this. Happens for every game every time. Only difference is discs were ready earlier for this. Also a lot of times Amazon shipping page refreshes late.


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
Now the Nathan Drake death scene is going to be all over YouTube :(

Joking. I know absolutely nothing.
Their own fault. Why push it back 2 weeks just to give Rachtet some room to breath? It was a business decision and it was bad.
I think Insomniac might disagree with you there. And maybe, just maybe the extra time was needed for the multiplayer.
Umm guys, I just checked my bank account and SimplyGames have taken money from my account. I don't use SimplyGames too often - only once to get MGSV early - but do they usually take money from you as soon as you've placed your order or just as they're about to dispatch (because for what it's worth, mine says it's pending dispatch).
Umm guys, I just checked my bank account and SimplyGames have taken money from my account. I don't use SimplyGames too often - only once to get MGSV early - but do they usually take money from you as soon as you've placed your order or just as they're about to dispatch (because for what it's worth, mine says it's pending dispatch).

Tends to be when it's due to be despatched. I haven't used them in awhile though.


Why did ND even delay it in the first place? April 26 was the release date for a long time. Clearly retailers have it, and it went gold in late March... I don't understand
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