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Uncharted 4 street date broken as thieves steal copies

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I don't have the game myself but these are some impressions from someone who's beaten it.

Spoiler-free impressions:
- Gameplay is fantastic. Shooting now has a weight to it and the freedom of how you tackle encounters feels great.
- Set pieces are less bombastic, but no less memorable or exciting.
- Chapters are more meaningful and each one feels very distinct. They're much longer than in previous games too.
- Speaking of which, my end clock was 14 hours. I reckon most playthoughs will be between 12-16 hours. It's pretty meaty!
- Music has less memorable themes, but it's the best implementation of music in the series. Firefight music in particular is great (very pirate like)
- It's the best looking game on the system bar none...you already knew that.
- But what shines is the art direction, it's so beautiful! Colors are vibrant and each environment is so wonderfully well crafted, it feels so organic.
- Smoothest 30fps game I've ever played, no hyperbole. Their masterful implementation of motion blur is like nothing I've ever seen.
- Incredibly clean image, everything is so sharp and the AA solution removes any noticeable jaggies.
- Details, details, details. People say you don't notice the little things, you do. In many ways it's the 'biggest' Uncharted, but it's also the most down to earth, so all the little things stand out so much more.
- The ending is perfect. PERFECT!

Unfortunately they're JPEGs but still look great.

Filters (playable):

Screens (non-spoilery)

Small island: http://abload.de/img/14dzp9s.jpg
Large island: http://abload.de/img/15qnq2u.jpg
Elena/Nate: http://abload.de/img/gkjjtf.jpg - http://abload.de/img/h03kvs.jpg
Forest: http://abload.de/img/ipnxjw.jpg - http://abload.de/img/ko8xfz.jpg

Model Viewer (100% in-game models)
Elena: http://abload.de/img/ak3r2i.jpg - http://abload.de/img/bgyolb.jpg - http://i.imgur.com/UUPBCUW.png
Nate: http://abload.de/img/cs2oqu.jpg - http://abload.de/img/fo6jhg.jpg
Sully: http://abload.de/img/dcdrdn.jpg
What are we exactly refering to with bombastic? I only ask because I'm thrilled with what I've done so far and not sure what that word is actually meaning in the case of Uncharted. Like more grounded?


Oct 5, 2015
Wetted my pants. I feel like your post will truly hold me together for 8 more days, thank you shinobi! clap-clap-clap


Nov 30, 2014
Ipoh, Malaysia
Yet kojima said an 80s filter was too taxing on PS4 with MGSV.
Did he specifically said PS4? I get the feeling it was too taxing for last gen consoles instead. Those versions already run at sub 720p and sub 30FPS.

Also, thanks for the pics, Shinobi! Those forest pics are absolutely phenomenal. The lighting blew me away.


Dec 11, 2015
St. Lucia
Shinobi thanks so much, you're a saint.

Best looking game I've seen on any platform and I say this as a PC gamer with a beefy rig. Accuse me of spouting hyperbole I don't give a damn. 10 more days!!!


Dec 9, 2006
Man, those forest screens from shinobi's post... damn.

edit - Game is PLAYABLE with 2nd filter on that list? loool


my hard graphic balls
Mar 24, 2015
- Smoothest 30fps game I've ever played, no hyperbole. Their masterful implementation of motion blur is like nothing I've ever seen.
Amazing. About damn time someone caught up with Playground Games in that regard.

Those ocean screenshots look amazing, that tropical blue water is so good. 10 more days.
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