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Uncharted 4's official boxart possibly revealed

Was strolling through my Twitter feed and stumbled upon this. It's from Dualshockers which I can't link unfortunately, but I checked with Sal (Gematsu) to confirm and he did. Sony added quite a few screenshots and art of the game on their press site last couple of days, among them this artwork labelled on the site "U4 Pack Art Final.jpg".

Larger screen.

Personally I'm liking it.
I like it, but it still alludes to the game veering in a darker direction compared to the rest of the series. And I know that Druckmann and Straley have laughed off accusations of this, but they're not doing a good job of showing it thus far.


Looks very different from the previous ones. I kind of do not believe that this will actually be the official box art. But if I am proven wrong then I will be happy.
Hmm I dunno if that's going to be it. Something looks off.

Also, he's bleeding. I can't recall that usually being on a boxart. It just looks weird and might be prohibited.
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