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Unredacted reaction to PS5's reveal, "We have a better product than Sony does" - Phil Spencer 30% GPU advantage


M2 slut



confrimation that, he is basically your standard delusional dumb forum fanboy, who landed a dream job.
we can all be ceo's someday boys.
dont lose the hope

I'm pretty sure he posts here under an alias, or at the very least, reads here.

That emotional interview he did where he effectively threw in the towel revealed all, this is a man who reads all the commentary.
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Sampler Feedback Streaming...


Did we ever get confirmation of any games using this yet?

Its coming apparently:

Fable is running on the new Forzatech 2.0 engine which has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the XSX and DX12U extensions.
That means mesh shaders, Sampler Feedback Streaming and XVA.

The fact that so many people are crying "CGI", even after it was confirmed to be in game on a XSX, tells you just how stunning it looks.

Mesh Shaders were always going to become more relevant towards the end of the gen, I think we'll see more use of Sampler Feedback Streaming first, especially in Xbox first party games.

I'm waiting on the first games to use Direct Storage + Sampler Feedback Streaming. That will be the game changer.

The only limiting factor the Series S has is its RAM. Once they can get Sampler Feedback Streaming in more game engines, people are going to see what a Series S is truly capable of.

Any day now according to the script.
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