Upcoming e3 2018 trailer for death stranding.

Planet of the Apes hoodie

The planet of the apes was actually Earth, and apes are primitive ancestors of humans

Hoodie - what prominent game characters wear hoods? The assassins creed assassins

In MGS4, you could wear an assassins creed outfit

What planet did MGS4 take place on? IT WAS EARTH. And you played as a HUMAN.

Death Stranding is MGS4, confirmed. 100% lock of the week.
ah yes another trailer to hit play along with all the other ones while mirroring and rotating 74 degrees to the right and turning my brightness all the way up to see hidden images that translate to morse code which translates to "Kept you waiting huh"
There's no point to them constantly showing little bits of this game off if it won't be finished for another couple of years. Too much teasing over a long span of time.