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Upcoming Games in 2023 to PS5 & PS4 (+other platforms for some)



Here is Colin’s take on this in case people wanted to see it. I think it’s funny how other prominent podcasts didn’t cover it.

EDIT: Totally posted this in the wrong thread lol. Mods please move to the LRG/Kara Lynne thread if you can.
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I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
i just preordered edge controller and dead space remake, my wallet is going to be hurt for the next few months.

I was thinnking of preordering PSVR2 but i think i'll on hold for now.

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Spiderman and Horizon Burning Shores DLC are the only exclusives I'm really looking forward to...I might be interested in Final Fantasy if it turns out great but I've never played any of the others.

As far as third party is concerned, I will be getting Jedi Survivor, Assassin's Creed and maybe Hogwarts Legacy (if it turns out good) on PS5 as opposed to Series X
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