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"Upcoming Halo" listed at Tesco for 2013 release



Here is the listing of all games they are offering ordered by release date:

There are no other "speculative" games on there...

Halo 2 HD? COD:Ghosts and new Halo are on my list of games shown by MS for their nextbox reveal... something's coming?

Ein Bear

The series has been annualised since ODST, hasn't it?

I'd guess a Halo 2 remake, but that'd make more sense next year for the 10th Anniversay.

Queen of Hunting

Unconfirmed Member
well thats obviously a place holder release date


Halo 5: Part 1- We couldn't make a full game on time but our new console is releasing.
To be followed, of course, by "Halo 5: Part 2- We've got this Kojima shit covered" next holiday.


Listed for the 360 odd. Wonder if they are gonna do a dual release. Seems neither company wants to risk major franchises for exclusive "next gen" games. Not really all that surprised. I don't really expect the nextbox to come out until 2014.


I expect Halo 2 HD Remake in 2014 (10 year anniversary for the game).
Halo 5 in 2015.

This one at best is going to be the ODST to Halo 4 and will include all the map packs. Will be on the 360.

There is a possibility of it being cross-gen.
Given 343's track record of avoiding all things that made Halo good, I wouldn't get my hopes up even if it does end up being an actual product.
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