Urban Legends: Phone tapping and how to spot one...

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There are tons of myths on the 'Net on how to tell if your phone is tapped. Was thinking about this after a landline call I recently placed to an overseas colleague where the static was horrible. No doubt, it was a poor connection, but that being said, it motivated me to do some research on the myths and legends of finding taps.

Not surprisingly, there are quite a few paranoid potheads out there who pass info around on spotting a tap. This one is interesting....

http://famguardian.org/Subjects/PropertyPrivacy/Privacy/PhoneTapCheck.htm said:
This article describes how to find out if your phone line is tapped or if the government is listening.

First Method

Call 202-543-9994

Listen for a steady monotone signal with no interrupts. That means you are not being tapped. If you hear any interruptions in the signal tone, then you are being listened to.

Second Method:

Call 101028817709889664

You want to hear a voice that says “1” or “2” that means no tap is underway. If you hear “3” or “4” you are tapped.
Curiously enough, 202-543-9994 is active. Didn't hear any static. The second number doesn't seem to work outside of the U.S.

Anyone else come across any amusing or interesting leads on how to spot a tap, or various urban legends?
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