US/CAN Club Nintendo Thread: New and improved. Read the OP.

Ive always thought a Pikmin foot stool would be cute. You know, so it'd look like the Pikmin were gathering around your feet and propping them up for you.

Something like that.
Didn't they give you seeds for a garden as a preorder bonus for Pikmin Wii? Or am I imagining that.
I remember a long time ago getting sent a packet of seeds and a little clay pot, for Pikmin 2, I think. I have no idea how I got that sent to me though, whether it was through Nintendo Power or My Nintendo or whatever.
Neat, I hadn't heard of that.

The only seed-related bonus I remember are those weird "Deku" seeds Nintendo of Greece gave out with pre-orders of OoT3D.
Actually, I just Googled it and found a post on the banned Nintendo site you can go to about Nintendo sending out potted Pikmin plants to certain sites, that were supposed to give some message when they grew. Can't find anything about it anywhere else, though.
Im just pumped that my Mario Hat 3DS Holder and Mario fan I bought from a guy got here today. And my Hanafuda cards and Blooper fan have shipped.
I just wish I spent a bit more money and bought that guys 3DS game case and messenger bag. I don't particularly want them too bad, but I kinda want then now that they aren't available.
I'm far too impatient for this. Perhaps we all get XL cases, and they are waiting to announce it until closer to the XL release?
Not that I'm not planning to get an XL, but that would be kind of lame if our prize was some sort of marketing ploy to get us to buy an XL or Wii U or whatever.
Daaamn Pikmin anything would be amazing. A Pikmin plush set would bring me to my knees.
Agreed. I received a plush White Pikmin from that scavenger hunt contest Nintendo had when Pikmin 2 lauched years ago. Would absolutely love to add the rest to my collection!

Didn't they give you seeds for a garden as a preorder bonus for Pikmin Wii? Or am I imagining that.
I recall this happening in Japan.
Not sure if this is old news or not, but they are showing the latest 3DS downloadable games from this week and last week as being worth 15 coins on the earn coins page (although it's still claiming the registration survey is worth 10, lol). So did anyone ever actually get their registration surveys for those games? Also, Order Up is still showing as 20 coins, so unless it is a mistake I guess it means $10 games will still get 10-coin registration surveys.
I do need a set of playing cards... but they look really tacky...

But I really don't need more posters...

everything else is crap
For a platinum prize.
Well, one thing is for sure. I can say with absolute certainty that the platinum gifts this year are the worst of any year thus far. Going with cards I guess.......