(US) PSN just sent me $10 US PSN credit in my inbox

Same! I'm happy and even more hyped! I didn't even spend anything since October and the $100 redemption.

For a second I thought it was one of those spam things I usually get from one of my less educated friends, but I realized it said from [PSN].

A good surprise for me, since I almost platinumed sleeping dogs and planned to get some dlc for that anyways.

Thanks PSN!
Here is mine!
EDIT: I've got PS+, I don't know if non-PS+ people got it though.

To help figure this out...

SCEA only
Don't need a Vita
Registration date doesn't seem to matter.
PS+ not needed
2/20/13 Event RSVP not required

Maybe everyone is getting it, but it's just taking some time?

What the fuck? That's a nice gesture.

Hope Microsoft makes XBLA cheaper or something.
Lol, they give people 25 cents on their XBL account for their birthday...
Does everyone getting the 10 dollar gift have Playstation Plus? Just wondering because I haven't received anything and my plus ran out last month and I haven't resubscribed yet. Still spent around 50 dollars in games though.
Is there a condition that needs to be met here or something?
Thats what I'm wondering.

I only started into digital PS3 purchases in 2012 so I'm surprised I qualified at all (though I did spend a large sum well over $200 in 2012 alone).

Then again I haven't purchased anything since 2012 on PSN.
Who wants to bet that Sony is going to bring this up in their conference as a thanks to all of their fans? Also, has anyone gotten it on their Vita yet?
im always cautious of stuff like this. Is it real? Do we have confirmation from sony saying this is a real promotion. I got one and for some reason it looks.... off? Someone know how we can contact to find out its legit.