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Avatars are now hosted by NeoGAF instead of going through an external url. The new avatar size limits are 100x120 pixels and 50KB. Animated avatars are no longer permitted.

As before, avatars should be G-rated, and not explicit, suggestive, or disgusting. NeoGAF readers can use their discretion for what threads to click on, but cannot use their discretion for which avatars they end up seeing, so ensure your avatars are very work-safe.

To set up your avatar, click on the User CP at the top navigation bar, then Edit Avatar, then either provide the system with a link for the image you'd like to use or choose a file from your computer. Either way, the image will be hosted on the NeoGAF servers, so there are no worries about finding a webhost for your image.

If you would like to continue using your previous avatar with the new system, the old url can be found in your user profile.

Avatar functionality site-wide can now be disabled, for example if you're browsing with limited bandwidth or at work. To enable or disable avatars being displayed, click on User CP, then Edit Options, scroll to Thread Display Options, then in the Visible Post Elements section select or deselect "Show Avatars."

If you need assistance creating an avatar, head on over to the Forum Avatar Request Thread.
Not open for further replies.