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USK rates Alan Wake's American Nightmare


It seems that Remedy's upcoming Alan Wake game has a uh... fascinating name.

VG247 said:
USK rates Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

German ratings body the USK has rated something called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Chances are that this is the name of the new standalone XBLA title that Remedy is set to unveil on Saturday at the VGAs set in the Wake universe. It was previously rumoured it would be subtitled Night Springs. Pat’s at Remedy this morning, so we’ll get him to chase it while he’s there.
Source: http://www.vg247.com/2011/12/08/usk-rates-alan-wakes-american-nightmare/
Well, that sounds a lot more bankable than "Night Springs" does.

It seems to set off some sort of alarm in the back of my head indicating "shitty," but I'm not sure why exactly. I've heard worse.


American Nightmare?

I love that title.

I makes me think of this:

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