V jump scans ( Naruto EX2 , FF4 , DQ4 , ASH , etc )

ash's style looks like nomura ff crossed with standard anime, doesnt look too bad

Its quite funny to see ffIV's detailed cg models next to their DS counterparts...dont like cain's cg design at all...looks more like a fishman

and give FF VII CC now...tons of media has been released, its time to release the game


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Hum Naruto. The story is going too slow for a game every year , in shippuden. If we have to get some real fresh things, they will have to go as far as sasuke vs deidera , and i doubt it
I wonder if it's ok to hope for Final Fantasy Tactics A2... I didn't like the original, but I can't read the moon language either to see how they updated the system. It certainly uses nice 2D though. Anyone can do some translating?
Wow, new DS games look beautiful specially ash, it seems that companies program seriously for that console. I am worried that any game is for ps3 :S.
I hope that they arrive at the West.
Final Fantasy VII looks awesome.


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Wow @ Crisis Core! Looks great

Also, on closer inspection, I'm convinved that Jenova is really Aeries's dead corpse that somehow got pulled back in time, burried, dug up by Shinra and strapped to a Mako Reactor.


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FF4 remake, DQ4 remake, ASH, and Crisis Core looks amazing!!!!

This is why I can forget "next gen consoles" handheld console gaming is where it is at :D


The 'H' stands for hentai.
jjasper said:
Yeah handheld are putting consoles to shame in this area. But it is good because I like RPGs on handles more anyways.
I really don't care as long as my RPG fix is limited to a single platform like every previous generation. In this instance it just so happens to be on the DS.
ethelred said:
FF4r, DQ4r, ASH, FFT A2, and Summon Night should all be on the PS3.
or on the 360...some of us just dont play much handhelds...I really like my psp, but I mostly just use it as my ghetto blaster for bboying outside...(Im living in the sticks right now)

Im sure if I was in the city right now I would have more time for hand helds in between travelling...though I usually just read or do other stuff

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Amir0x said:
actually every developer should go back in time and re-develop every game ever for release on the PS3

You say that now, but what about in 100 years when the ps3 looks worse than pong? I think they should just stop making all games until video games are perfect, and only then make games.


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Jesus Christ the DS is portable RPG KING.

Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest IV, Tales of Innocence, and Archaic Sealed Heat all look fucking amazing.