Valiant Hearts trailer/screens (Ubisoft, Rayman Engine, Puzzle Adventure, PC/PS/XB)


There are no platforms listed, but just assume PC/360/PS3/WiiU/XB1/PS4 as the safe bet.

Edit: Correction, no Wii U.


Polygon said:
Ubisoft Montpellier's Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a 2D puzzle adventure game that set during World War I, but it's not a war game, according to audio director Yoan Fanise. "It's a game about war," he told Polygon. "About humans during war."

The game uses a comic book art style, all hand-drawn by art director Paul Tumelaire, to tell the story of five characters of different nationalities during WWI who are all somehow connected. There's the French prisoner of war who peels potatoes in a German camp. There's the American volunteer. There's the Belgian nurse. There's the English pilot. And there's the German soldier, who is in love with the Frenchman's daughter.

This looks really interesting. If it's as genuine as the trailer suggests, this could be one of the most heartfelt games about war - ever. Real stories, beautiful artstyle, and it doesn't seem to be ignoring the grit.

Definitely keeping an eye on this one.


Sketchbook Picasso
Still that "motion comic" style animation, oy. But otherwise, looks pretty cool. I don't know what to expect of it's gameplay, but I do like the general art and story and setting.


This and Child of Light are so bought. As I said in the other thread I love seeing a big publisher make smaller digital-only games to go with their AAA retail titles. Really makes their lineup look diverse.


Looks awesome, bit sad there's no Wii U version, but I'll buy it regardless. Really liking all the Ubi Art games coming out.


The trailer sent me chills down my spine.
That music, soooooo good.
Really, i can't wait to play this one.
GG Ubi!
I was not expecting this based on the title. Seems interesting.

I'm not in love with the art style, it seems that everyone is going for this sketchy indie looking thing now.


I also read Vandal Hearts, but knowing what is Konami today I expected iOS or Pachinko or whatever, so I am gladly surprised of what I found.

Looks fantastic.


A moving trailer. The music did most of it, though. I hope the game itself can deliver on some of that emotion.
Wow, what an amazing premise for a game.

I know, right? I've been killing for a WWII game that isn't just an FPS, and although this is WWI instead, it's definitely close enough. (Plus WWI is considerably more tragic a conflict, so there's a lot of story there.)

Really, really hope they pull this off. Ubisoft late-gen has proven it has somewhat of a knack for producing great DD content (Gunslinger, Blood Dragon, Scott Pilgrim) but this and Child of Light are some whole other level of interesting.


Interesting concept, I would like to hear reviews about the story before I jump in. The rest looks promising.
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