Valve: Introducing Pipeline

I was thinking "So it's like a better Project Fun?" and I saw the girl with the cap that said "NO FUN"...

I think they're going after DP.


I feel like all this is gonna accomplish is making me feel bad because of younger people being more succesful and productive than me


Cool idea. Really interested in how having these kids working at Valve will go.

It's obvious that the FAQ was written by teenagers, it's really bad.
I guess people at Valve realized that they'll die of old age before HL3 is shipped and need to start grooming young talent.

Rogue Legacy is actually about the development of Half Life 3.
Got excited until I saw that it was for teenagers and specifically students.

Aim a bit wider Valve. It's a great idea but it's missing the key demographic of the 20+ school leaver who wants that starting point into the industry, despite their school choices.

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