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Valve launches page showing data about support tickets received


Dec 19, 2012
Gabe Newell acknowledge that the customer support should improve, this seem a step in the right direction:


We’ve been hearing from users for several years about the need for us to keep working on improving Steam Support. As always, our goal with Steam is to be continuously improving and creating better user experiences across the board.

We hope that most of you never need to contact support because your experience with Steam is issue free to begin with. However, we know that there are times when something just goes wrong and when you need to get help from an actual person. Improving Steam Support to make that experience as smooth as possible has been a big focus for us over the last couple years. We overhauled our support site, we’ve built better integrated tools, we no longer require a separate account to contact support, and we’ve increased our support staffing. We’ve also fixed as many bugs as possible and have provided new self-service options where they make sense. Today we are launching our Steam Support Stats page and seeking to improve transparency around users’ experiences getting support from us. We believe that increasing transparency will both help users understand how we are doing and will help make sure we keep improving over time.


The first thing you’ll see on our stats page is a graph of the volume of submitted help requests that are waiting for a response alongside a graph of the backlog of waiting requests that our support staff has yet to respond to over time. As of today you can see that we receive somewhere around 75,000 help requests per day. We currently end up with around 8,000 requests waiting for responses at most times. We’ve worked hard to expand our staffing and to improve our support processes to get to this point. You can see on our graph that earlier this year we had more than 50,000 requests as our backlog which meant that we had nearly a full day worth of requests waiting for answers at any given point in time. Our goal going forward is to keep the backlog of requests shrinking and to be able to respond to all requests as quickly as possible.


75,000 requests each day is still a big number. Most of these requests are resolved within a few hours. We’ve broken down some of the categories of request types we receive as well as their typical wait times below the graph on the stats page. These typical wait time numbers shown tell you the timeframe that 90% or more of the requests submitted receive a response. We’re still working on further improving wait times and also quality of responses in all categories.

A large number of our help requests are actually related to our refund policy. We’re proud to be able to offer users refunds when appropriate. We think our refund policy is good for users and good for the platform and we’re happy that we are able to respond to more than 90% of refund requests in just a few hours.

The next largest category of support issues is Account Security & Recovery requests. These requests include users who have simply forgotten their password all the way through users who have been phished or hijacked by someone targeting their account. We’ve been working to improve self-service for some account recovery cases and we’ve also continued to push forward adoption of security features like Steam Guard and the Steam Mobile Authenticator. The cases we still receive requests for can be more complicated to handle and wait times can sometimes be a little longer as a result. However, we’re happy to say that we’ve reduced wait times on these requests from once being over a week in many cases to now under 24 hours for more than 98% of requests.


We hope you’ll find the new support stats page interesting and that you’ll keep letting us know what your experiences with Steam Support are. We know that reducing wait times and backlogs is not enough on its own, and we’re also committed to continuing to improve the quality of each interaction. We’ve been continuously investing in staffing, training, and process improvements to that end and while we believe we’ve made progress we know there is always more work to be done. Let us know how we are doing.

Thank you spindoctor for posting it in the Steam OT


Jul 23, 2005
I'm also hoping they keep improving, being transparent about it is a good start. It's interesting how in February the number of tickets not answered was really high.
Catching up post-holidays. That's a backlog and a half...


Oct 9, 2007
So they actually hired more staff whose whole purpose is just for the support side?

I'm guessing​ they don't fall under Valves philosophy of how they run their game studio?

Flat, everyone is equal or whatever.

Great news though. Nice to see it expanded
Feb 22, 2014
Gabe Newell acknowledge that the customer support should improve, this seem a step in the right direction:
They've been saying "we need to improve" for years now. This is a neat little page, hopefully the tickets are being answered to satisfaction, because right now all this shows is the number of tickets that have been replied to (roughly).


May 7, 2014
As anyone who has worked in technical support can attest, probably about 40% of those are total horseshit from dumb people.

Sad Affleck

Apr 5, 2016
Cool, we now have some data on Steam refunds. It will be interesting to see how refunds fluctuate over time or if they increase after the launch of a bad port.