Valve soft launches Source 2 with Dota 2 port, Dota 2 Xbox reticule found, L4D3 refs

They put out the alpha for Dota 2 workshop tools today and the infos keep coming.

Edit: Here's the new Hammer in action. And here's a vid of Dota running in S2. Graphics look still the same, but remember an engine is more than just that.

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Everything in this package is a new game. It's all the Dota assets and code ported over to Source 2. That's why Hammer is different. That's why the console is different.

Guys. Valve just soft launched the entire Source 2 engine.

EDIT: Because people are asking for proof.

Everything that would share a name with Source is named '...2'. That's 'engine2.dll', 'vconsole2.exe', 'vphysics2.dll'.

When you go to open a map in Hammer, it asks for .vmap files. One of the other options is '.vmf (Source 1.0)' files. Screenshot (thanks /u/darkmio)

The fucking console is redone.

There is a new Key-Value like format (that i'm gonna call KV2). It is type safe. It looks like this: EDIT: Looks like my name isn't going to stick. The engine calls them 'Schema Files', written by CSchemaTextWriter. (Voided found this)

EDIT2 (Probably the strongest evidence): That script also allows for different dlls to load and render different assets (vmaps are rendered by worldrenderer.dll, etc). This is quite a bit different from Source 1, as they had a large number of things in the engine libraries. This bit alone would indicate a significant amount of engine work has been done to split these bits out of the engine and into their own libraries.

EDIT: hey RPS i changed this paragraph, so you guys should probably use the updated paragraph as it's more correct.

EDIT3: lol, source2 apparently support fax machines. (VoiDeD found this) (source: ) Looks like the Tiff Library

EDIT4: from /u/nellody: notice the 'source2' in the path.

EDIT: the general consensus around the source reverse engineering community is that this is really source 2.

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3:01:56 AM <@VoiDeD> there's l4d3 crap all over the vscript code

EDIT: 'CSource2EntitySystem' is a class name. (thanks Netshroud)
This might just give us a very early glimpse at Source 2. Valve completely redesigned Hammer (thank fucking god) - not sure if its thread worthy though.

We now have fancy stuff like a tile editor, or lighting preview - so no need to recompile to test out lights.

Also, a nice webm of how fast you're able to create maps

Also uses some new formats

vmap = vmf
vtex = vtf
vmat = vmt
vmdl = mdl
vpk = bsp
vpcf = pcf
The vpk thing is a bit weird, but in the vpk files are .vmap_c files which is probably the compiled map.

It's backwards compatible with Source 1, so probably?

edit: from facepunch




going through this facepunch thread now, only just noticed it, might be some interesting info there

Looks like the map size is still limited to roughly the same size as Source 1
This isnt true. I was able to compile a map with a brush that was 4 times the size of the grid perfectly fine, and I was able to run the map without problems. I had also imported a bunch of displacements from a vmf file and scaled it to be about 200k units wide, way out of the bounds of the grid and it still worked fine.
Apparently people are finding a bunch of l4d3 code in the vscript if the /r/Dota2 thread is to go by
it's left for dead 2 source 2 version not l4d3

they are really careful this time with hl3 / l4d3 references. only thing i could find was this thing

--require "game.entities.entclass_lair_egg"
someone made paris in 3d and i imported it. can't believe it could handle that. it's running at like 15-30 fps. gotta fix the materials now[/QUOTE]


Hmm hmm, you don't say :D

also, it seems he actually compiled that map

Compiling is a lot faster since it doesnt calculate vrad, which was generally what took the longest if you had a well optimized map.

So I compiled the massive map, but I cant show the vast size of it because of dotas fog of war shit.

But this is what it looks like in hammer

You can see the full grid in the middle.
And if you look at the bottom, it gives you a width of 31,195,876 a length of 31,415,984 and a height of 1,975,590, which compared to 32,768 is quite the difference.

another one

It only took me a few minutes to compile a map that was 82k units x 82k units, with 300k+ faces :p

A bridge:

The same bridge:

not pictured: 300k faces

You also only need to compile once :p So who cares how long it takes?

Just to make it clear, there are no HL3 references in this build.

still going through facepunch, also from yesterday

another one

Rubikon is their own physics engine, but there's also a couple of PhysX refs in the tools

Garry said:
Everything I've heard from Valve is that they're not licensing out the engine like they did with Source 1. They're in the process of shutting the current licensee program down.. we don't even get updated code for Source 1 anymore.

Until there's more details about Source 2, the moddability, what games are on it, licensing terms.. I'm not going to start promising anything. I wouldn't be surprised if Valve have already made their own version of GMod.
Garry said:
My best guess is that they're not going to license it because they're going to release it for free and let people release games on Workshop/Steam as part of the engine.. with a profit share.

They're obviously going to support modding and licensing in some way.. probably just not in the old way of paying $500k for a license or whatever people paid.

I am 100% sure that they have to be looking at Unity, and Unity's Asset Store and be thinking of how Steam and Workshop are set up to re-create that situation.. and push it to the next level.
Yes, it's that Garry.

Physically Based Materials (process is like Unreal Engine 4)

And r_lpv(and more text) for dynamic lighting (include GI)

string m_Id = "Attribute.point_levelstream.load_radius"
string m_FriendlyName = "Distance at which target level should stream in"
string m_TooltipOverride = ""
string m_HelpText = "If the player is closer than this to point_levelseam, start async loading of the target level."
string m_Id = "Attribute.point_levelstream.unload_radius"
string m_FriendlyName = "Distance after which target level should stream out"
string m_TooltipOverride = ""
string m_HelpText = "If the player is farther from the point_levelseam than this then target level will unload."
Hnnng, i'm now 100% in love with source 2, GOODBYE LOADING SCREENS!

This might help: I've been making a Google Doc since the release of Dota 2 tools which contains a lot of verified information (with some speculation) I've researched about the engine and the tools. I'll update it always when there's new information available. Check it out.
why does source 2 still look the same? T-T
Why should a "ported" game look different on an enhanced engine if it's not using visual improvements of said engine? It will not automatically look totally different just all of a sudden, there is much more to it.

New games will show what it can do.
Damn, this is huge - if its true. This is so exciting. Also yay my post is in the OP. :)

I figured I dont need to download the tools (and the new version of Dota) 'just' for an updated hammer. But now Ill have to download it
I've just started an SDK 2013 mod, but damn...those tools as a standalone release would be awesome!
That said, I hope there will be some degree of portability between engines, so I can get my code over, even if it's not much.


Still without luck
the number of people opening "dota 2 alpha workshop" on steam right now while I'm playing Lovely Planet is hilarious.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
Does this mean something is getting announced soon that uses Source 2?
No. Dota 2's financial model is driven by user-generated content, so this "soft launch" was spurred by a desire to capitalise on that by making things easy as possible for content creators. Even assuming L4D3 is a Q4 2015 title, it'll be at least 5-6 months until Valve teases/announces it.
It would be a great way if HL3 would just pop out of nowhere someday. Everyone wants it and then it is there without any prerelease fuss.
I can somehow see Valve doing this. Just one day appears as a new release in the steam store no announcement or anything.

Edit: Could this end up leading to a New game announcement at Gamescom or would Valve not do this and do their own thing?