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News Clickbait Valve to (possibly) Shift operations to Middle Earth. $$$ CS:GO and DOTA Tournaments may be hosted there too.

Will you move to NZ?

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Lord of Edge.
Feb 3, 2014
Auckland, New Zealand

"Newell revealed that there is "strong interest" from Valve employees to move to New Zealand, after last year saying there were no active plans to make that happen."

"There's a lot of interest at a grass roots level inside of the company to have some people move."

"The infrastructure is what you need. There's a lot of local development talent as well — there's absolutely no reason why game development companies couldn't be located here," Newell said

"In the past, you're looking at it like, 'Are there people that have the technical skills? Do you have a good internet connection?' Right? It's just that there's this new requirement where it would be really nice if they had amazing public health infrastructure."

"You've never really had to worry about that before when setting up a software company, but it's about to become a critically valuable thing."
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Dec 7, 2008