Variety: Ben affleck admits to groping Hilarie Burton


Ben Affleck @ Twitter said:
”I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize,"
All of these cockroaches are finally starting to get exposed.

Oh and this too, I guess:


The host said it's taken out of context and isn't happy how people are conflating a skit with real events.
Get em! No one in any industry should tolerate this shit. Not just Hollywood.

Damnnn Hollywood is all kinds of fucked up.
Not just Hollywood. Your local McDonalds. Best buy. Walgreens. Administrative offices all around the world. Anywhere there's a job that pays money and a power dynamic for scumbags to exploit.
I thought his Batman was one of the few highlights of BvS and I like Argo, but this is super disappointing to hear. For shame. :/

Guess Weinstein's outing is only going to be the tip of the iceberg, and we're going to get a lot more Hollywood milkshake ducks being revealed soon.
what in the fuck is going on!!??
A Tale as old as time when it comes to Power Dynamics.
Hopefully this turns into something really positive where we can begin draining the swamp that has allowed this shit to continue for as long as it has.

Honestly everyone has a bit of guilt in this. When people crack jokes about Casting couches etc. Its all part of that. Hollywood has needed to be purged for a long time. I mean you have former child actors who talk about how they were raped as children by people still in Hollywood power. It needs to end
Will never understand why some men think this is hot. I mean, maybe a horny 10 year old who doesn't know anything, but a grown man?

'wow i for a split second touched a woman wowowow'

Besides obviously being disgusting, offensive, repulsive, etc, I just don't understand why someone would want to do it.
Welp, fuck you too Ben. I guess Batman movie is officially not happening after this. Wouldnt be surprised if this is what finally blows up the DC verse or at least give it a soft reboot with a new Batman.
This isn't "coming out".

It happened on camera and MTV played it up, including Burton laughing about it, for an "uncensored" special.

That doesn't make it ok but this isn't some clandestine hotel room situation like the Weinstein shit.
I guess this is what happens when people think they're beyond reproach and hold the balance of power. It's not uncommon in many walks of life and usually the predator holds a financial or career progression grip over the prey and banks on that leverage to ensure that the victim keeps quiet. That and, if it comes to it, hush money...