Vatra: Multiplayer Silent Hill coming to XBLA

This was taken from Xbox 360 Magazine in Italy

360M: Can we expect a multiplayer mode in Silent Hil?

Marek: At the moment there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to the Multiplayer. We do not know the details but it should be an XBLA title that most players have to survive in the town of Silent Hill.

Kind of sounds like Resident Evil: Outbreak.
what the what

With what (appears) to be a proper Silent Hill title coming in Downpour, I would actually be ok with giving this a shot. Loved me some outbreak.

Seriously? Interesting idea though. It'll probably suck, but hey, might as well experiment a bit. Especially if it's a small XBLA title.
SalsaShark said:
Multiplayer Silent Hill misses the point
Not necessarily. If you design the scenario a certain way and build your game's encounters and progression to separate players and tease reunions, you can probably enhance the effect of isolation and fear because you're losing a level of comfort at the most inopportune times. I think it could work, but I'm also all for SH being messed with rather than just trying to chase earlier installments.
Gravijah said:
Hopefully it doesn't have a sniper class.
Harry Mason and James Sunderland are gonna camp the ends of the streets with their hunting rifles, shooting at anything that shows up in the fog (which is about a few feet away).
Thinking about it, the strong npc characters of SH2 and 3 always did kind of remind me of other players roaming around the city at the same time as the player. They were clearly having crazy experiences and survival struggles of their own. It would take one HELL of a team to even approach that kind of dramatic tension in a multiplayer title tho, where ostensibly things like the Pyramid Head "rape" scene could be completely ruined by some xbro going "YEEEEAH BOYEEEE" over the headset during the action.
It's like someone asked my wife what would be my favorite thing to happen to the Silent Hill franchise after Shattered Memories (one of my favorite games) and she told them "make it a multiplayer game on XBLA" just to piss me off.
If executed correctly, it could be an awesome game. Anybody ever play Condemned 2: Bloodshot's Multiplayer? Shit was both scary, and visceral.

But given Konami's track record with the series lately:



First of all, I think a multiplayer horror game with the same atmosphere and pacing as Silent Hill COULD work, but I highly, highly, highly doubt the developers will figure out how (or have enough time and resources to do so).
Press enter/X/A, select James Sunderland
Customize killstreaks, perks and weapons: Knife, Rocket launcher, UAV, med pack
Enter random TDM game via matchmaking
Spawn with teamates: Heather, Harry Mason, Laura, Pyramid Head, vs. random monster, nurse, bed-monster, claudia wolf.
Kill enemies, be rewarded/given XP points for running properly and being able to press buttons correctly, win match.
Unlock shotgun, tazer, and uzi.
Mary/Maria and 2 new maps DLC is released - 5.99$

rinse and repeat
Would be pretty cool to have player-targeted/client-based perception determined, in part, by what the player chooses as their game character's class/background which could define stats (walking/running speed, climbing skill, strength, fighting skills, etc.). Everyone could be potentially seeing monsters everywhere where others don't or see different ones. Anyway, none of this is likely to be tackled by Konami and friends.
Danielsan said:
Co-op in horror always takes out the fear for me, but hey that might just be me.
Of course its not you. Its pretty natural to think that something is scarier if you are alone. Multiplayer Silent Hill just wouldnt work, for the voice-chat alone.
snoopeasystreet said:
Nothing silent about a tonne of dudes on live. Look forward to hearing slipknot blare in my headset while I twin stick shoot my way around a creepy.
If possible, I'd monitor comm traffic and make enemies prioritize and more aggressively chase people who send too much voice data during a session. More specifically for SH, I'd allow person to person voice, but it could only work when both players have radios (which have limited use thanks to limited batteries and/or charge locations). Otherwise, it'd be proximity voice with a form of sound propagation to alter the output of those talking without using in-game radios/phones.
I don't necessarily dislike the idea, actually. You play Siren games from multiple people's perspectives, right? Well, imagine them all interacting in the world at once, each played by another person. Could be interesting.
ahahah, awesome. I hope to god that there are meters and number pop ups and shit all over.

legacyzero said:
Worst thing they could do is just simply port the Silent Hill lightgun-based arcade game that was exclusive to Japan (at least last time I read)
That reminds me, I haven't seen any impressions of that game from people that actually try to clear arcade games. I'm still curious about it.