Vehicle plows into counter protesters in Charlottesville

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BREAKING: Vehicle plows into a group of counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally in Virginia; injuries unknown.

From the other thread, graphic:

Oh God there's video of it happening

Starting at the 7:30 mark:
Can a mod add a link to the OP showing the car speeding into the crowd?

And change the title, "Vehicle plows into counter protesters (anti-racists) in Charlottesville"? To help people get a better understanding of the situation.


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Fucking awful. No other way to put it.


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These people are fucking terrorists and need to be called out and handled as such. Hope everyone in the crowd is ok.


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What was the car? Video guy said it might be a mustang but looked more like a Charger or Camaro to me. Gray with blacked out windows. Pretty distinctive vehicle. Any word on a. License plate, or a stop?
Taking notes from fucking Isis of all people, Jesus f christ. Disgusting animal, I hope they catch the driver but even more I hope those injured are okay.


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Has ISIS taken responsibility for this terrorist attack?
I know it wasnt ISIS
I'm fully expecting for VanillaISIS sites to claim responsibility for this. I can see them setting up their viral video posts for it.
So when islamic extremists ram people with cars and trucks, it's terrorism (which it is), when the alt-reich do it it's... let's see how they try and spin it. They're filth.