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[ VG Tech] Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade PS5 Frame Rate Test

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade PS5 frame rate test showing the framerate/fps on PlayStation 5 in the Graphics and Performance Mode (60fps Mode).

The version tested was 1.000.000.

PS5 in Performance Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being approximately 2720x1530 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 2048x1152. Pixel counts below 2720x1530 seem to be rare on PS5 in Performance Mode.

PS5 in Graphics Mode uses a dynamic resolution with the highest resolution found being 3840x2160 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 3306x1860. Pixel counts below 3840x2160 seem to be rare on PS5 in Graphics Mode.

Both modes render the UI at 3840x2160.

Both modes have visual improvements over the PS4 Pro such as: improved texture quality, reduced pop-in, added fog effects and lighting changes

PlatformsPS5 Performance ModePS5 Graphics Mode
Frame Amounts
Game Frames3647818239
Video Frames3647836478
Frame Tearing Statistics
Total Torn Frames00
Lowest Torn Line--
Frame Height21602160
Frame Time Statistics
Mean Frame Time16.67ms33.33ms
Median Frame Time16.67ms33.33ms
Maximum Frame Time16.67ms33.33ms
Minimum Frame Time16.67ms33.33ms
95th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms33.33ms
99th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms33.33ms
Frame Rate Statistics
Mean Frame Rate60fps30fps
Median Frame Rate60fps30fps
Maximum Frame Rate60fps30fps
Minimum Frame Rate60fps30fps
5th Percentile Frame Rate60fps30fps
1st Percentile Frame Rate60fps30fps
Frame Time Counts
16.67ms36478 (100%)0 (0%)
33.33ms0 (0%)18239 (100%)
Dropped Frames00
Runt Frames00
Runt Frame Thresholds20 rows20 rows
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It's good that framerate perfectly locked, but performance's mode resolution is rather low.
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What the hell is with that 2 second loading time.

I am playing on a ps4 pro atm, what kinda servants of hell have they got working for them to make the ps5 load so quick.
Cerny magic. He said that if you take the PS5 ssd and stick it in the PS4 Pro, you will get maybe 2x faster loading. But with the ps5 i/o chip with all these different components, your 100x faster ssd will make everything 100x faster.

TBH, I dont think we have seen the ssd's final form yet. Devs are still trying to figure it out. I suspect load times will become even faster as the gen goes on.


At least in performance that was a great job.

BTW Another One Sub 2s non-first party game.
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I actually wish they didn't give away the PS4 version because now I'll feel guilty paying $60 to upgrade to PS5.
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