[VG Tech] Shadow of the Tomb Raider PS5 Frame Rate Test (Backwards Compatibility)


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Shadow of the Tomb Raider frame rate test showing the framerate/fps on PS5 running under backwards compatibility.
The version tested was 2.01. There can still be a stutter during cutscenes on a camera cut but the image changes slightly during these frames which causes them to not register as duplicate frames.
The footage here is from the High Resolution mode which renders at resolution of 3840x2160 using a form of checkerboard rendering. Patch 2.01 on PS5 increased the resolution of the High Resolution mode and changed the frame rate cap from 30fps to 60fps.
The High Framerate mode on PS5 still renders at a native resolution of 1920x1080 and it can hold 60fps during scenes where the High Resolution mode drops below 60fps.

Frame Amounts
Game Frames52359
Video Frames52580
Frame Tearing Statistics
Total Torn Frames0
Lowest Torn Line-
Frame Height2160
Frame Time Statistics
Mean Frame Time16.74ms
Median Frame Time16.67ms
Maximum Frame Time33.33ms
Minimum Frame Time16.67ms
95th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms
99th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms
Frame Rate Statistics
Mean Frame Rate59.75fps
Median Frame Rate60fps
Maximum Frame Rate60fps
Minimum Frame Rate50fps
5th Percentile Frame Rate58fps
1st Percentile Frame Rate55fps
Frame Time Counts
16.67ms52138 (99.58%)
33.33ms221 (0.42%)
Dropped Frames0
Runt Frames0
Runt Frame Thresholds20 rows

Pretty solid performance overall. 👍🏻
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