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[VG Tech] Sifu PS5 and PS4/Pro Frame Rate Test

The version tested was 1.10 on the PS4 consoles and 1.010.000 on PS5.

00:00 - PS5
09:56 - PS4 Pro
20:01 - PS4

Large frame-time spikes can occur occasionally on the PS4 consoles https://bit.ly/3LuoNai

The only resolution found on PS5 was 3840x2160.

PS4 uses a dynamic resolution with the highest native resolution found being 1920x1080 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 1536x864. On PS4 the native rendering resolution seems to often be 1920x1080. PS4 seems to use temporal upsampling to reconstruct a 1920x1080 resolution when rendering natively below this resolution.

PS4 Pro uses a dynamic resolution with the highest native resolution found being approximately 3328x1864 and the lowest resolution found being approximately 2133x1200. PS4 Pro uses temporal upsampling to reconstruct a 3840x2160 resolution.

Note that in some scenes the resolution difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro is smaller than in the scene where the lowest resolutions were found. As an example, in some scenes where the PS4 Pro rendered at a native resolution of approximately 2560x1440, the PS4 rendered at a native resolution of 1920x1080.

PS5 has some graphical improvements compared to the other two consoles such as: improved shadow quality, improved shadow draw distance and improved distant foliage https://bit.ly/3sKz5g1

PlatformsPS5PS4 ProPS4
Frame Amounts
Game Frames357173600135262
Video Frames357183623736260
Frame Tearing Statistics
Total Torn Frames000
Lowest Torn Line---
Frame Height216021601080
Frame Time Statistics
Mean Frame Time16.67ms16.78ms17.14ms
Median Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms
Maximum Frame Time33.33ms83.33ms83.33ms
Minimum Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms
95th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms
99th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms33.33ms
Frame Rate Statistics
Mean Frame Rate60fps59.61fps58.35fps
Median Frame Rate60fps60fps60fps
Maximum Frame Rate60fps60fps60fps
Minimum Frame Rate59fps49fps36fps
5th Percentile Frame Rate60fps58fps50fps
1st Percentile Frame Rate60fps55fps47fps
Frame Time Counts
16.67ms35716 (100%)35790 (99.41%)34302 (97.28%)
33.33ms1 (0%)191 (0.53%)935 (2.65%)
50ms0 (0%)16 (0.04%)14 (0.04%)
66.67ms0 (0%)3 (0.01%)9 (0.03%)
83.33ms0 (0%)1 (0%)2 (0.01%)
Dropped Frames000
Runt Frames000
Runt Frame Thresholds20 rows20 rows20 rows



The PS5 is really performing really well compared to PS4 and Pro.

Using the lowest resolutions on Pro the PS5 game outputs 3.24x more pixels while having a better framerate (up to 10fps more) and better effects.
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Seems like the game has pretty good performance overhead on PS5. Shame that they haven't tried to make 120fps mode.
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The game is really well optimized.
Run at almost flawless 60fps (some hitches when entering specific rooms) on high settings on my 1050ti laptop
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