VGA Trailers (GOW3,GTA4DLC,Uncharted2,BrutalLegend)


bish gets all the credit :)
Just so they don't get lost in the other threads:

God of War III (not converted yet, but should be better quality than youtube)

Grand Theft Auto IV - The Lost And Damned

Uncharted 2

Brutal Legend

that's it.

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So, all these games I'm excited for.
But all these trailers are SUPER lame.

OK now that Brutal Legend trailer is done processing... ITS MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME.


God of War 3 :bow

Rest meh. Well I couldn't see the Brutal Legend Trailer.

I'm not a big fan of realistic style blood. The Uncharted 2 trailer grosses me out. I'm sure the game will be good though. GTA4 ZZZZzzz.


Brutal Legends is hot. Uncharterd 2 is looking great. GTA IV DLC is mine. Oh yea and Mafia II looks like win.
God of War III: Looked great and God of War-esque, but Jaffe oversold it a bit.
GTA IV - The Lost and the Damned: I like the direction they're going. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. However long we may end up waiting.
Uncharted 2: Well, it, uh. Looks pretty.
Brutal Legend: Not sure how much of the trailer is indicative to the actual game, but it touched me in all the wrong places in all the right ways.


God of War looks great, although I wish they'd shown more. I felt like I saw more of Uncharted 2 in the teaser's teaser. I'm not wildly interested in Brutal Legend's theme or setting and the graphics are eh, but I love Schafer's games. The GTA4 DLC looks like it features more of the parts of GTA4 that I wasn't interested in, the missions.


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Watched them all.

GoW3 trailer was kind of meh, didn't impress me at all, so much for "it looks like a painting".
Uncharted 2 looks cool
GTA was also meh... don't know, will have to watch more.

Brutal Legend looked fuck awesome! Now that is a game that will be on my radar.


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Brutal Legend's trailer was great and funny!

Uncharted 2's trailer was nothing but cutscenes, no gameplay. Which was disappointing.


bish gets all the credit :)
Trailers not listed, I simply didn't cap. You'll have to wait for gametrailers to put them up.


It's been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time.
GoW3 - great.
GTA IV DLC - meh. I'll wait and see.
Uncharted - really nice.
Brutal Legend - fuck awesome.

The Mafia II trailer was sweet also. Somebody should upload that.


R Squared said:
God of War III: Looked great and God of War-esque, but Jaffe oversold it a bit.
Come on. You saw 5 seconds of low qual 'footage'.
The Jaffe and GoW3 hate is stupid. He even said "the vga isn't what i was referring to".
Everything looks pretty awesome. I could care less about the GTA4 mission pack but then again I did buy the PS3 version and never finished it. :lol

Brutal Legend looks really good. The amount of vehicle gameplay shown in the trailer has me wondering how much there really is. If it handles well I'll be fine though as I do like some driving missions in games when implemented properly.


The lighting in the GoW and Uncharted trailers are incredible. Between the sky, lightning, and the way the trees are swaying in the GoW trailer, the world really feels alive. Can't wait to see more from that. Uncharted I kind of expect to blow me away so nothing in that was too shocking.

Brutal Legend look awful...
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