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VGC: Platform of the Year is PlayStation 4


PS4 didn’t only finish its reign as Sony’s top system on a high note, it set the tone for the PlayStation 5. 2020 was a culmination of a message that began in 2013 at launch. A focus on blockbuster, exclusive games.

It’s hard to imagine a generation going better for anyone than the PS4’s era of dominance did for Sony. It’s the second-highest selling home console of all time, behind it’s older brother the PlayStation 2. All of this coming after some were heralding the end times for consoles before the generation even began.

In a year in which the focus would firmly shift towards the PlayStation 5, Sony has done tremendously well in sending off the PS4 in style.


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Yeah, no explanations needed for this choice.

The same year the PS5 launches Sony released a couple of banger games.

Then you have Dreams. Then the VR support...


No doubt. Nioh 2, GoT, Miles Morales, FF7, Sackboy and some weirdos even liked The Last of Us 2. An incredible year really.


It's been an incredible year for PS4. Most consoles will peak mid-cycle in terms of output and then slowly plateau or peter out towards the end of its life cycle. The PS4 will finish 2021 having shipped MLB, Dreams, TLOU II, Ghost of Tsushima, Miles Morales, and Sackboy. That's going out with a bang.
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Yeah, its hard to imagine going out on a higher note than PS4 has this year.

Even the tumultuous launch and polarizing reception of TLOU2 didn't really figure that much given that so many big first and second party releases sandwiched it.

The only concern really is that given the lead-times on things all this output came under the aegis of the now departed Shaun Layden, so whether this success will continue or not under Jim Ryan remains to be seen.


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Xbox one shows it better.
PS5 anyone?

No, TLOU 2, Ghost of Tsushima, FFVII Remake, Nioh 2, etc showed that CDPR dropped the ball. It's not the PS4's fault (or Xbox One, which is even worse). CDPR just didn't give AF.
My point that HW is old and that if anything (if you are fan of Sony games), PS5 is better choice for some praise.
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For the year as a whole I probably would have picked the Switch. But even that feels like a stretch.

I don’t see how the PS5 doesn’t win this hands down as a platform though. Maybe I’m weird but after getting both new consoles I really didn’t come away feeling good about the PS4 Pro or 1X this year so much as “thank god we have new consoles”.

Then again every console gen for me tends to run on a trend where I love the new boxes for a couple years and then PC kinda runs away with it until the next gen. Maybe the new SSD tech will keep these new consoles in higher regard since SSDs in PCs were probably the biggest performance upgrade ever.


Xbox Series X is my platform of the year. Outside of Tsushima, I was playing PS4 just to waste time until the now current generation arrived. PS4 is long gone.

However, PlayStation 4 is my #1 gaming console of all time though followed by Xbox 360 at #2 and Super Nintendo at #3.


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I forgot Miles and Sack Boy are cross gen.

Yeah, this is no contest.

And once again, PS5 output didn't suffer while supporting PS5.


In terms of exclusives sure I can see why, but for me, as long as you have to pay to play online it's a no from me though.


For a huge chunk of players, Sony does the final year of their console's life right, I'll give them that.

They also did a pretty ok job at launching a platform too.

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No lies detected. A great console with probably the best output from Sony ever. They had a vision and executed it perfectly, and the audience responded accordingly.
Can't discredit VGC opinion after giving Phil the award for Industry Man of the Year. Truly a respectable outlet gamers from different stripes and colors can agree on. 🌬️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Deserved choice.
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He set the early narrative for this generation by claiming Xbox would have the most powerful console, which we now know isn't true. He then claimed he "felt good" after Sony's showing, knowing fully well that they had nothing and what little they did have wasn't ready. Showing Halo Infinite as a marquee title only to delay it a full year might be the furthest out of touch a gaming executive team has ever been with their audience. Now they're in the worst of all worlds, with a weaker console and no games. He now has a failed console launch that he can't dodge responsibility for, and we're about to head into the Spring when we really find out just how far behind Xbox is.

I don't know who the next CEO of Xbox will be, but I bet we'll continue hearing every single year how they're "finally turning Xbox around" and winning Person of the Year from sites like VGC.


Couldn't agree more. Sony has really made me a fan this generation with lots of meaty single player games and their mixture of big franchises and new IP. This year was no exception.


Not even a slight competition lets be real.

The Last of Us Part II - GOTG, best story and gameplay combo in gaming history. Most polished game of all time. Possibly the most important game in modern history. Will be remembered as the Citizen Kane of the medium, as in it will age like fine wine and be more respected over time. A watershed moment in gaming.

Ghosts of Tsushima - A brand new IP at the end of the gen. Gorgeous visuals and fun combat.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - A remake to an all time classic. A love letter to fans of the genre.

Thank you, Ken Kutagari.
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Definitely the best console of the generation, but for platform of the year? I would argue the Oculus Quest 2. One of the most impressive pieces of tech ever for $300
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