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VGC: Platform of the Year is PlayStation 4


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He set the early narrative for this generation by claiming Xbox would have the most powerful console, which we now know isn't true. He then claimed he "felt good" after Sony's showing, knowing fully well that they had nothing and what little they did have wasn't ready. Showing Halo Infinite as a marquee title only to delay it a full year might be the furthest out of touch a gaming executive team has ever been with their audience. Now they're in the worst of all worlds, with a weaker console and no games. He now has a failed console launch that he can't dodge responsibility for, and we're about to head into the Spring when we really find out just how far behind Xbox is.

I don't know who the next CEO of Xbox will be, but I bet we'll continue hearing every single year how they're "finally turning Xbox around" and winning Person of the Year from sites like VGC.
1) We don't know anything is true yet. There isn't a high enough sample size, although you could speculate that it may look that way.

2) GamePass growth has increased from 10 million to 15 million since April. Why is this relevant? Because Microsoft's business model is not predicated on console sales. In other words it's not the driving force. The only thing they are truly competing in is in the gaming space. Not necessarily hardware space. This was not a failed console launch. They were projected by forecasters to ship 3.3 million units and have already sold 1.2 to 1.4 million of those units (with "no games" either as you've stated). That's will on track to meet their projections. In fact thats better.

3) Halo was unfortunate and definitely a setback. This definitely put a large dent in sales.

4) Corporate figureheads lie or bend the truth all the time. Peoples adoration with them is bizarre. You'll get no argument from me on that.

5) PS5 has more new games than Series X, but not by much. I have both systems. Miles Morales was a disappointingly short showcase and Demon Souls was great as I hadn't played it before. The other games such as Sack Boy (surprisingly fun) and Devil May Cry aren't really anything I would but a system for. For third party it just depends what you prefer for platform. Both systems have been primarily used as backwards compatibility machines so far in our house.

Not really trying to argue an opinion as I can see why you would feel the way you do.
Is this one of the threads where console fanboys are fighting each other?



Ok, sure, one prominent release each (Ori, while lovely, isn't really a big AAA title). Which is still a bit embarrassing compared to Sony's year.
One game each? You answered yourself there.
Two games for MS not just one, one of which is a huge technical marvel. And animal crossing wasn't just a prominent release it was THE prominent release given how much it sold (it wasn't the only title they released either).

Not saying you can't prefer Sony's line up, but to say both of them "haven't really done anything this year" goes beyond just downplaying.
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