VGLeaks Durango specs: x64 8-core CPU @1.6GHz, 8GB DDR3 + 32MB ESRAM, 50GB 6x BD...

The bottom three things are video, audio, and texture decompressors/decoders and a security chip for anti-piracy.

I don't know what the move engine is, but it sounds like a memory controller.
The move engine souns like the "blitter" Though I have no idea what that means. Maybe it enables the CPU/GPU to get closer to the 170GB/s bandwidth?
3.5 gb of ram @ 192ghz or 6.5-7gb of ram @ 170ghz. Which is better?
Presumably you mean GB/s and, while I'm no techie, I don't think it means that. I'm taking it to mean that while only 32MB of the RAM is capable of 100 GB/s bandwidth, in parallel it could utilise the other RAM pool and thus it amounts to up to functionally 32MB at 170GB/s + everything else at 70 GB/s.

Although someone please correct me if this is completely off base.
Clock speed isn't everything. So, no it isn't weak.
Clock speed isn't everything, but AMD don't have a track record in packing the MIPS into low clock speeds at all.

Also, 4MB of L2 cache (surely L3?^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H fusion/llano doesn't have L3 cache) isn't a lot for 8 cores.
can any tech guy here tell me if the focus on kinect will cripple the system in comparison to the ps4? (assuming there both priced equally with the same profit/loss margins)
Is 6x BD going to be adequate for streaming next gen's larger assets? If not, is it safe to assume that like the 360 the XB3 will allow us to install the game on to HDD?
Nah, that wouldn't take up much.
To reduce lag I'd suggest it would.
Now, hands front - I have no idea what am talking about ;), but I can struggle to mould things together.

Kinect will have a bunch of stuff on the harddrive, this needs to be active as its running. A high quality 3D Camera is constantly taking images of the room; it stores a number of previous images in order to best identify significant movements.

The live images and 'saved movements' get compared to indentify different input.
This isn't some touch screen where its all quite easy, the reason I think the Kinect would be using up that RAM would be because it is now Kinect 2.0 and having to process 3D images with the aim of now being lag free.

That's... very, very impressive, if true. But wouldn't this mean a shit load of heat?
No. Well nothing 'unexpected' or that we don't see in an average PC. E.g. the heat isn't unexpected.
The move engine souns like the "blitter" Though I have no idea what that means. Maybe it enables the CPU/GPU to get closer to the 170GB/s bandwidth?
Blitters were a way to speed up memory transfer and modification and were popular in the 1980's.

The kind of went away after the old Atari era since we had things like VRAM.
Explain. I don't quite understand it, isn't the point 1080p?
He means that were the Esram to be used for free AA, it would only be sufficient for 2xMSAA at 1080p (not 4x, from what I have read). That would pretty much use up the entirety of the 32mb Esram solely for that purpose.
wonder what the northbridge bandwidth is? Seems like only the GPU has direct access to the esram, CPU has to go through northbridge - likewise for CPU access to GPU.


What are we missing from this leak?
matches the rumours of HDMI pass through with potential to overlay XBox graphics on your DVR for instance.
Presumably you mean GB/s and, while I'm no techie, I don't think it means that. Only 32MB of the RAM is capable of 100 GB/s bandwidth.
Based on what they wrote, it appears that the GPU can access data from esram and main ram at the same time. So in that case, the bandwidths can be combined. This is still limited to how fast something different can be put into esram to make the bandwidth more useful.
looks like Kinect built-in (at least partially) and also the HDMI in is for your cable/dvr box. You pass through your box through the XboxN and it will synthesize with your box to create a new way to watch movies/TV. Your DVR can do the recording or the Xbox can, so now you have one device through which you can watch or listen to all your entertainment.

As the transition to downloads continues, Microsoft wants to be that link and as internet TV grows, MS wants to be positioned right there to make it easy for everyone. Expect a remote in every box.


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Explain. I don't quite understand it, isn't the point 1080p?
Basically, if the ESram is the frame buffer, it needs to store all the pixels in the frame. At 1080p 4xmsaa and 4 bit coulour depth, the rough amount of memory taken up would require 2x4x4=32 mb, which is just about the size of the esram. Can't do much more than that. Tiling would burn up bandwidth to the main memory, so it is best to avoid it if possible.
The HDMI-in, to me, suggests a pass-through for cable. I'm not sure exactly how it'd work, but I imagine it'll use HDMI-CEC so you can control your cable box from your console. MS tried to actually provide the TV themselves with the IPTV thing, and that failed to get off the ground because the networks like the current arrangement more than what MS was offering, so the next best thing is to run the cable TV through the Xbox.

I don't know how much info or interactivity the 360 can glean from the cable box over HDMI, however, so it may be a bit of a hodge podge of interactivity, and for that reason I don't know how compelling this function will be: you'll still need the cable box, but it may be a neat feature for people who already have a reason to own the next Xbox.
If they are different architectures, then no. ERP a Sony programmer over at beyond3d wrote something I can't quite remember now, but he was basically saying to stop looking at TFLOP count.
He was probably talking about AMD flops vs Nvidia flops. Which is a difference in how they are counted. These parts are rumored to both be AMD so it would be a valid comparison.
So could the GPU access the ESRAM directly and over the DDR3 RAM and the Nortbridge? That way 170GB/s would make sense, but of course only for the 32 MB.

I'm talking about the actual discs themselves.
I don't think they are expensive in mass production. And at the beginning they could use normal Blu-rays until they need the storage.