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[VGTech] Tunic Xbox Series X|S + One X/S Framerate Test



4k 60 locked Series X
1080 60 locked Series S
1080 60 basically locked One X
900 30 basically locked One S (1080p UI)

PlatformsXbox Series XXbox Series SXbox One XXbox One S
Frame Amounts
Game Frames1775017750177498873
Video Frames17750177501775017750
Frame Tearing Statistics
Total Torn Frames0000
Lowest Torn Line----
Frame Height2160216021601080
Frame Time Statistics
Mean Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms33.34ms
Median Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms33.33ms
Maximum Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms33.33ms50ms
Minimum Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms33.33ms
95th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms33.33ms
99th Percentile Frame Time16.67ms16.67ms16.67ms33.33ms
Frame Rate Statistics
Mean Frame Rate60fps60fps60fps29.99fps
Median Frame Rate60fps60fps60fps30fps
Maximum Frame Rate60fps60fps60fps30fps
Minimum Frame Rate60fps60fps59fps29fps
5th Percentile Frame Rate60fps60fps60fps30fps
1st Percentile Frame Rate60fps60fps60fps30fps
Frame Time Counts
16.67ms17750 (100%)17750 (100%)17748 (99.99%)0 (0%)
33.33ms0 (0%)0 (0%)1 (0.01%)8869 (99.95%)
50ms0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)4 (0.05%)
Dropped Frames0000
Runt Frames0000
Runt Frame Thresholds20 rows20 rows20 rows20 rows

This is a stealth "Go play Tunic, now" thread as performance shouldn't really be that much of a surprise to anyone.


I have to imagine this would run at 120fps on X with literally nothing but a 5 second ini tweak. An ancient GTX 1060 easily pushes near 120hz at 1440p, X shouldn't break a sweat at 4K while maintaining healthy VRR window framerates. So much overhead wasted locking framerates like this. Game would benefit pretty significantly from improved response times, it feels a little heavy on X at 60.
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The hell? This is on Game Pass?

Internet Downloading GIF

where have I been?


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The hell? This is on Game Pass?

Internet Downloading GIF

where have I been?

wtf man where have you been lol.

But yeah I can see why folks might have missed it, they literally announced it's coming to GP on the day the game released, not before.

Give it a shot, it's the new Fez.
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