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Video games that are digital online that you wish also had a physical option?

EDIT: Can a mod edit my topic title? It's a typo and was meant to say "digital only."
EDIT 2: I just learned that the game I mentioned below was made by a Chinese company in China, so I am kind of disappointed now.

What are some games you really like, but wish there was a physical option as well?
For me, I would choose Genshin Impact. I am not that far into it yet, but I wonder why this could not also be on physical media as well as digital.

I mean, I will still get something that is digital only if I have to, but I do not like the idea of it not being available someday just because someone at the service can just flip a switch and take it away whenever the company says so. It's why I do not play fighting games online or games like Paladins.
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Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for Switch in Europe.

I realise I could buy an American copy but then I can’t trade it in once I’ve finished it.
There’s plenty I never buy because no physical. Been waiting on cup head forever, i guess it’s canceled. Recently I want the touryst on physical.

Wouldn’t mind a limited run of resogun ps4.


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I like physical games so.... All of them !

Recently I wish Castlevania Advance Collection had a physical release.
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