Videogame Anagram Photoshop Challenge

Captain Pants

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A while back on the Something Awful forums they had a thread going where you would take anagrams of videogame names and make new boxart from it. For example, you'd take Phantasy Star and turn it into Has Panty Rats. My best friend and I came up with a few, he did this:


and I did these:

Super Mario Galaxy

Lumines Puzzle Fusion:

I want to see what people come up with, here is a link to an anagram generator:

Word Smith Anagram Generator

I apologize if this has been done before, but nothing came up using the search function.
I love photoshop threads, but anagrams were always my least favorite of the Photoshop Phriday's on Something Awful, only a select few work well, the is too forced without a real meaning.


Cruzader said:
Wait, what's the original title supposed to be? I hope it's not Imagine Cooking, because that doesn't make anagram sense to me. :/