Virginia Govonor Ralph Northam (Democrat) yearbook page shows men in blackface and KKK robe

Jan 20, 2018
I don't think any of the 3 Virginia democrats should resign.

1. Possible blackface or KKK picture with lack of context, lack of confirmation, and 30 years in past in which no confirmed behavior of racism exists. Also confirmed blackface costume at some point.

Wouldn't resign.

2. 2 sexual assault allegations. Neither of which has been proven in court and are just allegations. Until proven to be true, they are just allegations. We have seen the power of allegations in the past that were unprovable. We can believe women all we want. We, however, cannot enact sweeping changes or consequences based on a belief. We need proof and legal outcomes to enact that.

Wouldn't resign.

3. Confirmed blackface costume of a rapper.

Unless a blackface costume was done in order to mock or debase the black race, I see no real issue with it. Making a costume to try and idolize or try and be someone they look up to is hardly a mockery. It is uplifting. Unless it is done with racist intent, I cannot see it as racist.

Wouldn't resign.
May 17, 2012
There is nothing they can do to remove Northam. You can only be impeached for crimes that happen while in office according to VA's own rules. Wearing blackface is not a crime. It is just disgusting behavior. They are a one term state anyway so he will be gone after it is done. I don't see him resigning. It really isn't in his best interest to do so.

I don't think the alleged rapist should resign without due process. Perhaps suspend him until the truth is found. The problem is that neither of the people making accusations want to push it any further. If the standard is going to be forced resignation over allegations it will be pretty easy to oust just about anyone from office just by getting more people to come forward. It was attempted on Kavanaugh. Once the extra people started coming out of the woodwork people incorrectly see it as some sort of where there is smoke there is fire. Even if all of the other allegations were proven to be completely fabricated.
Apr 18, 2018
The mental gymnastics over this is stunning. Not only does Northram have this dirty little secret in his past, but he's advocating for killing born babies on the basis of deformities or other circumstances, if the mother and doctor agree.

Then we have this other gem: Blackface is bad, but orangeface is worse.

They are rushing to circle the wagons, make exceptions, plead for understanding, and make excuses. What a stark contrast to how they went after Kavanaugh. And what's more amusing is watching the media pundits like the guy linked above scramble to fearmonger over his political opponents: "this is pretty bad, but it would be worse if a Republican got into office".

Literal boogeyman instead of holding yourself to moral standards.

It also reveals the moral superiority of these media elites. "Blackface can be okay when we say so".
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Aug 12, 2008
Katy Perry gets attacked for a pair of ugly shoes in blackface/nudeface, a white kid is demonized for having the gall to be in an Esquire article, slated for March release but released in February which is only for Black History apparently, and this Democrat is allowed to be a moral arbiter despite his blakface/or Klansman costume and admitting to doing blackface a la Michael Jackson?

Rules for thee is never more realised than what we are witnessing right now. Remember, projection comes from those who demonize before reflection and understanding.

I personally think the VA Governor should be held to the fire for authorising and supporting infanticide, the rest of this story is an idpol distraction from the real evil that is going on.
Mar 12, 2014
i don't think the right should feel obliged to act principled in these cases.

like, even if you think in an ideal world, no one should be sacked/driven out for these kind of things, you've gotta insist that dems live up to their own standards and shit-can him
I do not believe decades old year book photos should be used to remove a democratically elected official. But I do believe the left's hypocrisy needs to be put on full display, simply to force them to stop this nonsense altogether, and to remind their base of just how stupid it is to throw the constitution out the front door when politically convenient.
Feb 21, 2018
Let them keep him. They voted for him. Buyer beware.

Remember he ran an ad showing some guy in a pick up truck with a confederate flag chasing down and stealing minority children. Yes his ad was that Trump and his opponent were going to literally drive around kidnapping kids of color.