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Vita can't connect to PSN store on firmware 3.57


May 5, 2014
Well... everything's fixed now. It took a power-down/back on to fix them though. I did that multiple times throughout the week, but it wasn't until the tweet went out and I tried that it all worked.

Regardless, I'm really annoyed that they didn't say anything on this, or why it happened. Is this something that can happen whenever? Was it a one time deal where things just happened to (unfortunately) overlap? Ya' can't just leave me hanging here wondering if my system can become defunct of its own store at any moment...


Sep 4, 2004
Affected by store issue: No
Affected by Battery Drain issue?: Yes. Has been working decently since a couple of full overnight discharges right after the software update, though. But I have the feeling that overall battery performance is slightly worse than before the issue appeared.
Vita Model: 2000
3G?: No
Memory Card: 32GB
Have you used Content Manager for PC?: Yes
Have you used Content Manager for PS3?: No
Have you utilized any hacks/exploits?: No