Vita confirmed region-free

The eternal pessimist that I am refuses to believe for 100% certain until someone actually runs software from another region on it, but this is certainly good news either way.


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DMPrince said:
has he answered if we are allowed to have more than one psn accounts on vita?
This is the next big question to ask.

Either way, digital downloading will make importing fuck-tons cheaper than it normally is. As long as you can find a way to pay for the games... (which shouldn't be too big a problem with PSN cards)


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The fact that all games are downloadable means 'importing' games could be extremely trivial.

Just buy PSN cards from different regions and log onto stores, and purchase away?

Hopefully you can play 'authorised' content from any account on your Vita...if switching accounts isn't as easy as on PS3 that's OK, as long as you don't have to switch just to play.