Vita "hacked," (PSP) homebrew on the way (not piracy)

May 22, 2010
once again here is the tutorial:

all the correct save files are in the .zip, read the readme to figure out which one to use.
Exciting news, indeed.

Sure, running PSP homebrews on Vita is fun, and VHBL is a very nice piece of work, but it’s about time we move on, isn’t it? Developer yifanlu started a new project called Usermode Vita Loader (UVLoader), it will be a homebrew loader for the PSV, basically.

Not PSP homebrews, but native PSV code, isn’t it awesome?

This project is based on a PSV exploit he found (there are no details about this for now, for obvious reasons), but it’s still in its early stages. Just a few lines of code have been written so far (you can find the code on his github), so, back to the title, developers are needed.

If you’re a developer and you want to help, fork the project on github or get in touch with yifanlu on /talk or on IRC (#vitadev on EFnet). If you’re not a developer, there’s nothing for you…yet. But it’s still an awesome news, isn’t it?

And please, avoid asking useless questions: there’s no release date yet and it doesn’t work for now, just be patient for now and let the developers do their job.

Yifan Lu will eventually post updates about this project on his blog or on twitter, so make sure to follow him.

Last but not least, congratulations to yifanlu for his Vita hack
Yifan Lu's blog and Twiter page

I hope we end up with some nice custom home pages


Mar 1, 2012
Note that, in theory, this won't allow piracy (yet), so it might not be THAT bad. Still, more Sony resources devoted to fixing these leaks just sucks.
Dec 30, 2011
Why are people obsessed with doing this with Sony products? Its not like the pretence that games consoles are the best tech hold up any more; and with a wide range of PC's/Tablets/Phones it all seem like a massive waste of time.

Bit sad really.