Vita PSN Game & Service Thread 2

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Last thread ran its course. Continue here discussing the Vita PSN and the games on it.

A brief look at the PS Store app on the Vita

You'll need one of these to vitalize your Vita. Currently these are the only memorycards:

Current firmware:

2.01 (fixes PS+ game saves syncing)

PS Store sales and deals:

For PS+ Music Unlimited 1 year Premium subscription $12/€12


Recently released on the PSN:

DJMAx Technika Tune (not on EU PSN)

Uncharted Fight for Fortune

Chronovolt (PS+ exclusive)

Upcoming Vita games: (This is a universal list that doesn't cover a specific region, but mostly you'll find Western releases on it.)

BigSky Infinity (PS+ exclusive/Cross buy)
Release: December 12th 2012

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD
Release: December 18th 2012 (NA)

Knytt Underground (PS+ exclusive/Cross buy)
Release: December 21st 2012

R&C Full Frontal Assault/Q-Force
Release: January 2013

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Release: Feburary 5th 2013

Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken
Coming early 2013

Announcement trailer

Dead or Alive 5 Plus
Release March 2013 Japan

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus
Coming early 2013

Release: 2013

Soul Sacrifice
Release: march 2013 Japan/West TBA

One Piece Pirate Warrios 2
Release: TBA

Release: TBA

Killzone Mercenary
Release: TBA

Release: TBA

list updating

For a more detailed list, head over to the:

General upcoming games & apps thread

PlayStation Mobile thread

Official threads for Vita apps

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Upcoming apps

Wake-Up Club

OP will be updated...


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Good times.

Man, that third fight againts the Descendants in Uncarded is hard! :(
nice new thread :D
does everyone go Digital or Physical here?
physical on everything I buy that has a physical release
digital for digital only goods and PS+

my goal is despite having ps+ and a 4gb card to go through 2013 without upgrading m memory card unless I find a deal that will net me a 16/32gb card for less than $2 per gig (likely aiming for $25 for 16 or $50 for 32)
Nice OP, though it's a little cluttered and not very clean.

New thread, yay!

Too bad I can't play my Vita due to this problem. If anyone can help me, please, Vitabros ;_;
I think you might be screwed, unfortunately. I'm not finding any good news surrounding the error. ):

Signed up for PSO2 beta today. Kind of a hassle changing regions on the same card :(
Too much of a hassle. I have no clue why Sony changed it in an update, but I guess that's Sony for you.

nice new thread :D
does everyone go Digital or Physical here?
I have two or three digital games, but otherwise physical.
This is sad but I can't wait for the alam app. I use my phone's alarm clock currently, but I wouldn't mind using my Vita and getting trophies for waking up. :p
I was late into the last thread, due to only being able to afford my Vita in the last month, but glad to be onboard early for this one.

Got sent Black Ops II: Declassified through the post today for review. It's not as bad as some have made out. Not great, but not 3/10 bad.
Never did hit that magical 1000.

So what's your most anticipated games guys?
that is for sure coming to the vita... Dragon's Crown but I will be getting that on the ps3... so PSV only would likely be Soul Sacrifice

overall it's either dragon's crown or starbound (PC) as we get closer to release the binding of isaac could easily make its way up there though.
Never did hit that magical 1000.

So what's your most anticipated games guys?
Sly Raccoon
That box opening game (looks quirky and fun at the right price)
Persona 4 Golden (technically counts as not out in the UK yet)
Some surprises and hopefully a few PSN games ported to Vita.
Way to keep the community rolling strong. As a recent new owner of a 3DS I wish there was a thread as useful as this one for the 3DS as well. Vita Gaf is the best Gaf.....actually Gif Gaf is the best Gaf, but Vita Gaf is the best community.-
So how the hell do I get Vita trophies to appear on my PS3? I've synced with the Vita and I can see all my PS3 trophies on there, but not the other way around :/
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