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Vladimir Putin signs new (controversial) internet law.


Jul 7, 2018

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed into law a "sovereign internet" bill which will allow Russian authorities to isolate the country's internet, a move decried by rights groups.

Russian lawmakers insist the new law is necessary to ensure the security of Russia's online networks but critics say the vaguely worded bill gives new censorship powers to government monitors.

The text of the law was published Wednesday but it will not come into effect until November.

The measures include creating technology to monitor internet routing and to steer Russian internet traffic away from foreign servers, ostensibly to prevent a foreign country from shutting it down.

The authors of the initiative say Russia must ensure the security of its networks after US President Donald Trump unveiled a new American cybersecurity strategy last year that said Russia had carried out cyber attacks with impunity.

Well, it seems Russia is on it's way to start protecting itself from an opposing cyber-attack.

And, after seeing the vast arrays of how the internet looks after Trump won, I can't imagine Putinter, Putingbook, Putintube or Putinpedia to be worse than their counterparts.

Will the day come that US and EU citizens may someday have to use Russian servers/internet/payment processors to evade western attacks on their free speech? We shall see.
At least the Russian counterparts won't be taking OUR governments money to attack and censor us...


Sep 4, 2018
Wow a law to address internet security?

Maybe the US should get on that since it is so scared of Russia Facebook ads.

Or we could just pay an FBI guy to try and arrest one person while entirely ignoring the cyber warfare we supposedly care about


Aug 6, 2013
I wonder if they are allowed to view conspiracy videos. Youtube is really clamping down on them it's PISSING ME OFF.


Dec 23, 2008
This sounds like the beginning of a bleak ass timeline. Just thinking about it makes me claustrophobic. Russian rebel hackers who are incredible may find a way around this and possibly create and provide to a low-key public an "underground railroad" into the universal internets.


Apr 9, 2019
This bill is designed to close off Internet in Russia, not to protect anything. They want the China firewall thing. Though history shows that Russian government people working with tech are too retarded to do actual damage (they never managed to block Telegram despite an enormous campaign and spending millions), so hopefully it's just talk.


Apr 15, 2019
Russia faces growing sanctions from the alt-left controlled West. While Russia is censoring the net, at a *far* slower rate than the UK, this bill is about sanctions. Namely the ability of the West to disrupt the internet in Russia by cutting Russia off from *key infrastructure*. An 'independent' Russian internet simply means that if every external internet facility is closed off from Russia, the internal net can continue to function.

Here's a *clue* for the clueless. Today the alt-left scum that run Mozilla have just *killed* every extension on Firefox- unless you are an expert, everyone's Firefox has no ad-blocking for instance.

The 'accident' is no such thing. Mozilla has announced that all non-alt-left-approved extensions for Firefox are going to be totally banned in the very near future. They do *not* want Firefox users to have the option to install addons themselves from other sources. So Mozilla is testing their ability to control the addons you are *allowed* to use by ensuring that every and all addons can be killed on every connected machine at Mozilla's whim.

Today marked the big test. Work-arounds (like the one I'm now forced to use) are going to be identified and eliminated in the future.

Russia faces the *same* form of threat from the alt-left West. Just as I and thousands of other Firefox users will be looking for alternatives in the next few days (forked builds that allow the *user* full control of their addons)- Russia needs functioning alternatives to all essential internet mechanisms currently located in the West.

Once the West knows it cannot disrupt the net in Russia, it is *far* less likely to target sanctions in that direction. Russia is also preparing for war- massive 'pre-emptive' nuclear strikes on Russian assets by the West in the immediate aftermath of American's planned nuclear strikes on Iran. America is currently manufacturing tens of thousands of 'small' nuclear warheads and intends to end the ban on the use of nuclear weapons when it attacks Iran. Russia fears things will escalate very quickly once the Iran war begins.

My TV watching began in the 1960s, when Russian bashing was taken for granted in my favourite shows (The Avengers and The Saint). But today, now it is the alt-left West that is the authoritarian orwellian horror, propaganda demonising Russia is louder than ever before. Witness the anti-russian nutcases in this thread.

Russia just saved the *secular* Syrian regime from America's wahhabi terror gangs who fought to expand Saudi Arabia's satanic influence in the muslim world. Yet the alt-left portray Saudi Arabia as the victim, and Russia as the aggressor.

The alliance between the political leaders of the Alt-left, and the masters of Saudi Arabia, allows even the most naive citizen to understand what the alt-left really stands for. Russia is an existential enemy of the alt-left, even as Russia shares most of the values of the citizens of West Europe and America.

PS in Animal Farm and 1984, George Orwell was warning about the alt-left which back then was the British based fabian movement- a pseudo-socialist organisation that believes in darwinian mechanisms of power (every person gets an equal opportunity, but the 'winners' become the all powerful *masters* of those that have clearly proven themselves 'inferior'). Today Americans call their fabians neoliberals, but american neoliberals all worship current British fabian leaders like Tony Blair. In the UK, most people commonly call fabians blairites today.

Alt-left = neoliberals = fabians = blairites. 100% of effective anti-russian troublemaking comes from this group and *not* from forces of the traditional right, though most of America's old cold-war warriors are now blairites.

PS in case some of you do not know, Russian nuke weapon tech is the best in the world. Their delivery systems are far better than America's. Their anti-missile tech far better. Their anti-satellite tech far better. If it comes to the worst, well let's just say no-one will ever have to worry about the USA ever again.

Russia does everything it can to prevent nuclear war, and method no.1 is to make it clear to the USA that Russia will hit far, far, far harder in any such war, and that any real attack of Russia by America will lead to such a war. Until the 1990s, everyone on Earth remembered this.

But the alt-left pushes the idea that Russia is a 'joke' and America could win a nuclear war. And new generations of people in the West now believe this lie. So Russia is now provoked again and again, and the provocations are rising. Russian response is limited to trying to prevent any of these provocations from being the trigger that begins the escalation to war.

Things are so crazy, there are senior voices in the USA calling for the assassination of Putin (if that happens, you Americans probably have one hour to say goodbye to your loved ones).

It is the duty of every sane person in the West to be a direct enemy of the russian demonising propaganda produced in growing volumes by the alt-left. The Iran war is coming, and the USA will *overtly* use nuclear weapons for the first time since Japan (US military and some others- most recently in Yemen- have *covertly* used various forms of much newer nuclear warheads- usually to destroy installations or large numbers of enemy troops). The alt-left want to normalise the use of nukes the same way they normalised the use of depleted uranium (which is a truly terrible weapon for anyone in the vicinity that breathes in the vapourised heavy metal, or eats food/drinks water contaminated by the uranium).


Feb 1, 2017
An 'independent' Russian internet simply means that if every external internet facility is closed off from Russia, the internal net can continue to function.
That is how they sell it.
In reality it is mounting a wall akin to what China has, so that nobody can escape KGB grip on it, without major effort.

Operators, who are now responsible for blocking "blacklisted sites", will not have to do so, if they install "government provided tools", cool eh?

Roskomnadzor blocked half a million of amazon cloud IPs, to fight Telegram messenger (in Russian)

unless you are an expert, everyone's Firefox has no ad-blocking for instance.
Uh, what? last time I've installed Firefox was several weeks ago.
Installing ad blocker on it was no different than before.
Opera, on top of supporting the addons, has built in ad-blocker.

Russia is censoring the net, at a *far* slower rate than the UK,
Citation needed.
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Jul 7, 2018
Major fucks butthurt about losing the cold war vs intelligence agency of a democratic country that annoys even own president, what a touch choice indeed.000

Yes, I agree, Russia is the last bastion of democracy in the Western world, unless you are/were a Bolshevik, and that is why the AngloZionistic banana empire tries to attack her.