Voice actor accidentally confirms Army of Four

There you go V_Ben:

Interesting. I liked the first game. Never bothered with the second one and thought the franchise was dead.


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That's it, keep flooding the military shooter market. After all, it worked for guitar games...

I know, there market is bigger and more established, but I think there has to be a saturation point. Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Army of ____, that game from the CoD guys from Activision.
DerZuhälter;35679393 said:
Army of Two gets 4 player co-op? -> Army of Four
Well that's obvious. V_Ben also told me on Twitter that this is probably what Mercs Inc. became, so this has me very intrigued.
how the heck can such a utterly mediocre game like army of two getting TWO sequels???? does the market needs another boring 4 hour dudebro experiance?
Not that i've played them but i thought they both sold pretty well.
the first one had some nice ideas, but was a buggy and glitchy mess and also it was a game from production hell, they cutted many things out of the game and you can really see it. it was a mess.

the second games was just boring and without the cool cgi videos from the first game.
I hope it's a new Army of two game, those games are amazing absurd. Mercs 2 was great too for the same reason. It was a bit bugger though.
Reading his previous tweets, why would he have been in Sweden to sign the contract for an EA job if it wasn't DICE-related? Do they (EA) have that kind of offices in Malmö or Copenhagen?