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Voice of Solid Snake to be revealed at Konami's E3 Presentation.


Lets hope it Hayter.

Edit: I got confused. I thought Sutherland was playing Big Boss. My apologies on the thread title. I got totally confused.
I'd like it to be Hayter, but we all know it's going to be Sutherland, because Kojima is an ass.

I still would've rather we just got a new protagonist for MGS now - completely unrelated to Snake, Raiden or Big Boss. Their stories are over. If they brought in a new hero, Kojima could've brought in a big-name celebrity voice WITHOUT pissing everyone off.


I hope he's way better than hayter

*is shot*

I just mean that he doesn't ever sound like the way a real human talks

*is shot in the head*


Um exCUSE me Sakurai but CLEARLY the best choice for Smash Bros would be my fav niche character HOWEVER you are clearly INCOMPETENT and
Kurt Russell

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If they just say David Hayter, I'm going to be pissed. Not because he's in the game, but because they're putting so much attention into this for this.

But if it's Bauer, I'm gonna be okay.


i dont think they would do this if it wasn't going to be hayter, the hayter fans are the only ones who even care about this. on the other hand, trolljima


Hopefully it's Hayter but they get Sutherland to show up as a fake-out. Have them both there!
And then give Sutherland a role, too.


As much as I think that the Snake voice is iconic, David Hayter became a parody of himself after MGS1, so I think a new take would be nice.

And I'll laugh if they put so much attention towards the announcement and the new voice ends up being somebody like Nolan North or Troy Baker.

I will be disappointed if this ends up being another troll and Hayter is the voice again.
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