Warframe Closed Beta Giveaway

Where do I get the blueprint for the Orokin reactor/catalyst? Only from random Alerts?

LEX is nice, I like it.

You have a chance to get one from alert missions with "?" marked as a reward. If I get my Mag to lvl30 before I get one, I'm just going to spend my dang platinum. :(

Also, I found that Mag can yank away the shields from the shielded Grineer with Pull. And I finally got to try Pull on an incapacitated teammate. Worked!
Oh, you mean this? :p

Got the blueprints from one of the missions in Earth. They're a random drop, so you never know when/where you're going to get them. I'm close to being able to make the HEK, but those Neurodes never seem to want to drop.
They fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor to where you can't put it on other players and TK them. Aww :p

I just went ahead and spent the 20 plat on upgrading Mag... Crush is totally worth it. Won't one shot a stronger enemy, like a Napalm Grineer. But still, watching an entire room of enemies float into the air then crushed is awesome, LOL.
Gah, missed the blueprint as well :(

As for Mag, I love her. My only gripe is that Crush seems to have a small area of effect (though not fully upgraded yet). Had a Volt with me on a run and his 4th power was devastating stuff 2 rooms away, also it casted much faster than Crush, so each time I used it he would electrify everything while they were levitated and got the kills.

I also hope they rework Trinity's powers because apart from Blessing they're pretty much useless.
How do those green door lasers work? Seems like they turn on and off randomly.
There's cameras on top of the walls near them which, when they spot a player, will turn on the security - which means that more bots spawn, the doors lock and any security turrets will activate. To disable them you need to find the camera and shoot it.

When it doesn't see anyone, it'll have a green light and move back and forth in a conal POV. However, when someone has been spotted it turns red. So, look up when you get to a doorway, as there's usually quite a few of them in a level - and sometimes 2 or 3 by a door.
Only 2 planets left to go... Well, technically, one planet and one dwarf planet..

Uranus and Pluto!

[insert bad pun about Uranus here]

Then after that... I've no idea what to do... Wait for new environments to come out I guess, lol. I could buy some plat so I can buy more character slots... But then I'd have to grind out the other warframes.... Ehhhhhhhh.


relies on auto-aim
Doesn't showcase a lot of stuff, oh well :(
After seeing that, I'm torn between buying a shotgun, or a Gorgon. What's best for packing a serious punch at a reasonable distance? Also, the game doesn't look nearly as smooth on my laptop ; _;
The LEX pistol or those accurate sniping rifles if you can headshot.

I'm getting Alloy for my HEK, so I'll let you know.
Just downloaded this game and I'm wondering if anyone has gotten Steam overlay to work? Also, my nick is Atruvius so shoot me a friend invite. I wouldn't mind playing with some not-so-random-people.
Also do 'rare' material drops only happen from enemies, lockers, tube things, bosses, mission finish rewards?
*Well I did a boss run and got Rhino frame print + a control mod.

Need to farm alloy playing now, best way to do this?

Also here's me playing (Rank 27 Volt) for 90 minutes @ 60FPS for anyone wondering what it looks like.
I got a 35 minute solo double 'Spy' aka PICK UP DATA CRAP mission at the end. Not fair.
Hazaro can You post some tech info about streaming You are doing?
Like what are You using, have You tried Origin streaming, how much upload do You need for 1080@30, 720p@60 and 720@30.

Thanks :)


relies on auto-aim
Yay! Regretting having picked Volt as my frame since the abilities are terrible sans auto kill everything in room.

Hazaro can You post some tech info about streaming You are doing?
Like what are You using, have You tried Origin streaming, how much upload do You need for 1080@30, 720p@60 and 720@30.

Thanks :)
i7 2600K @ 4.3Ghz + GTX670
OBS with game capture
Quality Balance 7 (Translates to motion / still preference)
1280x720 @ 60FPS
Upload 2800kbps for 720@60 and 1080@30. 2200 for 720@30 imo, but can probably go lower with game capture. Those aren't optimized settings, but I haven't needed to optimize it.

Haven't tried Origin streaming.
I've been playing for a while now - got a guy about level 25. I am impressed that they are replying to feedback often on their forums and updates to the game are almost on a daily basis.

It gives me hope that they can turn the game into something great with the potential, because right now...

I really dislike the energy, power, and skill tree systems. The Warframes all seem very similar outside of a handful of abilities that often are simply unnecessary/useless. Healing skills are targeted on enemies that die with a single attack, an ability lets you run fast when there is usually no reason to, etc. I think the game is at a stage where they can just revamp the whole thing and get away with it. Make the power system seamless with the acrobatics and gunplay at a faster pace. Make the skill trees really emphasize the uniqueness of the Frames. Get rid of the limited energy supply and work out some sort of cooldown system in its place (certain abilities would have to change obviously - and for the better).

The nickle and diming is also irritating, but I think they are going a long ways to improve this as the "reactor" drops are demonstrating.

These are the guys that helped make Unreal Tournament, and yet the guns are so boring! Why do they all shoot bullets!? You got the standard boring frameworks of guns (sniper, burst rifle, shotgun, etc.). Where are the flak cannons? Shock Beams? Why do the bad guys shoot lasers and throw shockwaves but we don't!?

Again - I post the same thing on the forums and I really think it reaches them, so I still have great hopes for the game. I even decided to do the Founders thing.
Does anyone know if they are going to do a beta wipe? I can't find any conclusive announcements on the matter.

Game is really great fun so far, they just need to vary the levels/layouts a bit more.
I played a little of this the other day, then accidentally posted about it in a Warface thread. :/ It's a really cool game! I love all the nods to Dark Sector, and it's surprisingly gorgeous.
So I got an email that I got into the Warframe beta.

I click on the link, it asks me to login to activate my beta key. However, whenever I try to login, it gives me a message that my account has been pre-registered and that I must wait for a beta key to activate my account. It says in the darn link in the email what my key is, but for some reason its not accepting it.

I have no idea what's wrong with this. And I can't access their forums because my account hasn't been registered fully! Anyone else have a similar issue?

edit: nevermind. I managed to created a "new" account with the same info (email, username, etc). And it went through for some reason.
Soloing data pick up missions is a pain, it took me 30 minutes to finish one and my minimap breaking halfway through the mission didn't help much. Also, I'd really like to see grenade indicators added, I ate through 3 revives from not knowing that I should have dodge away, and the story really needs fleshing out.
Those new screens were just what I wanted to see. I haven't been playing as much since the same environments plus back-tracking can get old quickly. I pretty much only play if someone else is on now since it's so much better with decent people.


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Are there plans to bring Warframe to current consoles or are we stuck hoping for it to be a launch game for next gen consoles?