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Full patch notes and changes here.

Warframe is a Free-To-Play, third person, sci-fi shooter. Gameplay revolves around completing different objectives like killing a certain number of targets or defending points from waved of enemies. Since its launch in March 2013, the game has been under continuous development, with 20+ major content updates and numerous smaller updates since release. All free. Plains of Eidolon is the latest and perhaps most dramatic update update in Warframe's history.

In Warframe, players collect materials and weapon upgrades (called "Mods") as they complete missions and progress through a map of the solar system. Players may harness the powers of their Warframe and weapons in order to clear hordes of enemies in the PvE maps, or against each other in the specialized PvP mode. Players also have access to public spaces known as Relays where they may interact with each other, trade, or practice their skills.

Warframe's Mod system allows for players to customize the various aspects of their equipment, which comes with 8-10 slots for the card-like mods that can be upgraded as the player progresses through the game. Character mods include things like enhanced health, damage resistances, and ability modifications. Weapon mods are typically focused on damage types, but can also include silent firing, magazine changes, and unique effects during battle.

Plains of Eidolon is a big shift in the kind of content Warframe usually offers. Digital Extremes has created a 3kmx3km Open World with enemy outposts, random events, cavern systems, and assorted activities for players to discover.

A new township set near the wild Plains. Learn about the scavenger-inhabitants, the Ostrons, and their rich culture that revolves around the grotesque harvesting of biomechanical tissue from long-dormant Orokin Towers. Talk to the Ostrons in town to discover how the ongoing war with the Grineer has shaped their lives. Increase your Standing with the Ostrons by completing their requested missions and they'll share their culture and knowledge while granting you access to their wares.

Want to immediately engage in battle? Pick up Bounties from Konzu. Feeling hungry for dinner? Go to Fisher Hai-Luk to unlock a variety of spearfishing equipment and bait. Forge your own unique weapon at Hok’s Anvil! A wealth of options are at your fingertips.

Create modular weapons with interchangeable components that affect the appearance, functionality, stances, and stats of the weapon. They are forged using three weapon parts; a strike, grip, and link -- all of which are obtained by crafting Blueprints that weaponsmith Hok provides. Name your Weapon, improve it by adding Gilding, or earn Cetus Standing by pledging the weapon to the Ostrons.

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The Plains is an entirely new kind of experience for Warframe. An open world map filled with different events that will challenge players who explore this new land. The further from Cetus (on the map as the small black square) you get, the more difficult the enemies become, especially when night begins to fall.

Operating with a Day/Night cycle, the Plains will bring whole new challenges to players. When Night falls, the Eidolons rise. These titanic monsters are remnants of a Sentient warship that crashed to Earth in the Old War, long before your time. The pieces wander in search of others, aiming to reconstruct the deadly threat. Taking one down should prove to be a great challenge for even the most experienced Tenno, but the Eidolons hold great rewards!

No need to just run through the plains, though. Tenno will be able to summon their Archwings to fly quickly across the land, with an all new control system to make flying easier.

Trading in Cetus requires some new materials from the Plains. Use your mining laser to trace precious ore patterns in rocks, or take a breather from the hectic battle against evil with some spearfishing.

Shatter your enemies with the offensive abilities of Lotus’ newest glass-inspired warrior. Her powers include a glass spear, protective armor of glass shards, mirrors to reflect damage back at enemies, and a growing wave of molten glass that entraps any caught in its way while providing a safe barrier for Tenno inside.

Useful resources:
Fishing Map
Plains Field Guide
Day/Night checker.
Hopefully it'll be live by the time I get done working! Can't wait to try out all of the new changes. I'm trying to keep most of the new stuff as surprising as possible so pardon my lack of reading any of the post in fear or any potential spoilers :)
When is this available on PS4?

I know this is a long gamble but, have they by any chance changed the art style?

edit: just seen, November, oh well....
I really want to get into this, but I'm so lost. I started playing back when it was in beta, and it's obviously changed a whole lot since then. I kind of wish I could reset my account so I could experience everything from the beginning. I've tried multiple times recent to get back into it, but I'm not really sure if I'm playing correctly, or what my goals should be.
Remoted into the home gaming PC from work, started the update. Looking forward to finishing work in a few hours and diving right into the Plains.
I'm definitely excited for this.
I love how Warframe's gameplay feels (aside from the melee, but I hear that's better now), but it is so damn hard to get into all the finer details.

Last time I played I'd unlocked Ivara, but I've not tried her out properly yet.
Great OT!

As a side note to anyone starting out/coming back, if you go to https://www.warframe.com/promocode , log in, and enter the code FREESWORD , you'll get a free weapon slot and a Heat Sword (a sword that also does heat damage in addition to its normal attacks) with a catalyst installed (which gives the weapon double mod capacity, to hold more upgrades!)

Can new players access the new open world or do you need to be a certain level?
New players will have to complete the initial quest chain and most likely quite a bit of the Earth map, but we won't know for sure until people have had some time to explore the update.
According to the dev streams this update is supposed to come with a lot of game-wide performance optimizations as well, not just limited to this new landscape feature.

I love how Warframe's gameplay feels (aside from the melee, but I hear that's better now) ...
The new nunchucks and their endless stance combos are so god damned much fun. Seriously recommended for ridiculous shit-eating-grin amazingness.

The rapiers are also super deadly, and easy to combo. And gunblades.

If you're looking for interesting new melee weapons to try out.
still boggles the mind how DE has consistently hit it out of the park with waframe over the years. This is even better than what i expected, especially for their first forays into open world.
I can't wait for this on the PS4. I've been really into Warframe lately, and this looks incredible.

Just need a few new frames..
Hell yeah to DE there. I make sure to put my Community of Tenno emblem on all my frames.

Once more for folks new to Warframe or who may have missed it, if you have a Twitch Prime subscription (and if you have Amazon Prime you also have Twitch Prime), you can still for a very short time get a free Frost Prime Warframe, as well as a special Syandana (cape) and a mod pack by linking your Warframe and Twitch accounts. Sometime very soon (like within the next few hours, most likely) the offer will change to free Soma Prime and Scindo Prime weapons.
Which Warframe is this?

Mag maybe? Deluxe skin?

Wait, I remember something about a new Mag skin, with all sorts of moving bits, and limbs that aren't quite attached, a bit like Halo's Forerunner stylings.