Warning: Gears of War 3 leaked!

Heads up guys, a work in progress version of Gears of War 3 has been leaked. It apparently has the full single-player and all the multiplayer options.Buggy as hell, but it seems like it's all there. Avoid youtube and other forums if you don't want to be spoiled. There are videos all over youtube as proof. Just a heads up.


Bjergsen is the greatest midlane in the world
Heh, looks like you get a big spoiler on Youtube's autofill if you even type in "gears of war 3".
From what I've read it only works on certain modded xbox's, the fist guy who posted a video looked like he had a devkit of some sort. This is pretty crazy for anything to leak this early, finished or not.
Metalic said:
Wow, this game was revealed by accident, delayed and now leaked, nothing is going according to play huh ?

except for when it sells millions of copies regardless of its marketing campaign, development, and well...they could probably break a million by selling bags of dog shit labeled with the game's name
Dominic Santiago: [hearing odd sound] Did you hear that? What the hell's that sound?
Marcus Fenix: It's just the wind.
Dominic Santiago: Yeah. Right. When was the last time the wind said "hostiles" to you?

Unbelieveable that those leaks are still happening =(


He wasn't alone.
I wish these type of leaks were released in some legal way.
Just acknowledge them a put them in the super ultra collectors edition or something.
I enjoy seeing early stages of a game, where it started and how far it as come.

I wouldn't mind exploring Duke Nukem Forever iterations throughout it's 15 year development.


Bjergsen is the greatest midlane in the world
Kerrby said:
Maybe I'm blind but I looked on YouTube and didn't find anything about the game leaking.
Yeah, I'm looking for actual proof that the game leaked but can't find any. On youtube, warez sites, or torrents.

So...maybe it didn't?

Buddha Beam said:
PC and 360 are practically the same thing at this point anyway... except I can't look at porn (sweet, sweet porn) on the the 360.
Play Uno.
I found the footage on Youtube. It's pretty obvious what to search for, I don't think it's right to link to it....
But hey,
is back!
Derrick01 said:
Getting tired of games leaking months early now. It's hard enough to dodge deus ex spoilers, same with crysis 2 when that whole thing happened.
Who gives a shit about the plot of Gears of War anyway? Or Crysis 2 and Deus Ex for that matter. It's like playing Mario and Tetris for plot.