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Warning sign from Nintendo


Warning images from the Japanese Wii manual!

(please lock and rape me if old)
What's the deal with the bags?

Also, it's a shame I can't make my Wii luckier with a clover :(

(insert Okami/Clover studios comment here)



wtf at the one with the four leaf clover?

And i like the one were somebody is just pouring coke on their wii...

Do people really need a warning not to pour drink on their system or put plants into them?


I love that the snowman has a hat on. Nintendo goes the extra mile with its warning labels.

I'm also apparently going to have to stop taking my Wii on picnics with me.
borghe said:
can someone explain the "Please don't throw out your Wii." one?

The Wii isn't "burnable" garbage. So I guess if you were going to throw it away, you'd have to sort it differently/on a different day/in a different bag (I don't really know, I don't live in Japan)


don't cover you Wii with a blanket if it's sick.
do bring it some chicken noodle soup.

and why would they use a clover of all possible things to stick into the vent holes?

and that kid eating the twisty-tie looks like he's retardedly staring at the info-balloon like, "correct, am do eat twisty-tie".


Dragona Akehi said:
Sorry but none of those top the "do not act like a pimp with your GBA" picture. Wii am lose.

And, I TOTALLY did the strangle yourself while playing one, just to see how uncomfortable it would be. It was not very uncomfortable, and I played for a while like that.


The life and times of the Wii

Wii gets the flu

Wii develops 20 a day habit

Will gets raped with 4 leaf clover in the arse - not very lucky
That's fricking hilarious. I hope they turn up in the european manual, as well. Would make it actually worth it plowing trough the manual stack the Wii is dreaded for.



Sadly, this is as close as we will ever get of seeing Clover on a next gen console.

Thanks a lot Capcom. :(


Shit. Now what am I going to do with all these clovers? I got them for Next Gen specifically. Guess I'll just stuff them inside PS2 :(


don't ask me for codes
Haven't you guys ever read warnings and disclaimers before?

The Wii is an electronic appliance and should be discarded accordingly - not with the burnable trash or the biodegradable trash. Most manuals should contain a similar warning.

The plastic bag picture is a warning that it's not a toy and can pose a choking hazard. You'll see a warning on almost any plastic bags containing electronics.

As for the clover, it's obvious that it's a warning not to stick shit in the vents, be it plants, your penis, or your grandmother.

There's really nothing weird with this. They obviously included pictures rather than text only so that even simpletons can understand. I guess they haven't considered GAF.
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