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Warren Spector: The world didn't need another Wolfenstein. Adolescent male fantasy.

just saw this on facebook



Warren gets to be quiet after Epic Mickey's travesty.

I'm excited for this, I've always loved Wolfenstein.
Wow, Warren. WOW.

For a man who knows nothing about how this game will play... that is quite the opinion.

Also... given how there are really no games which play like CHronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay to this day... I am not sure if Spector really should have said that.

I can understand disliking the use of the franchise name though. Riding on the tales of past glory somewhat obviously.


I hope it doesnt take itself too seriously. The voice over was terribile.
And yes, the world needs more sci-fi, paranormal Nazi shooters. Shut up Warren!


That's not very nice.

The better question is "Does the world need another Wolfenstein that ISN'T RtCW2?", anyway. You know, because RtCW was brilliant.


Yes it does need it. I am more interested in this than any other modern military shooter. And how about you make a good game again Warren, then maybe we can talk.


In the comments he further backs his opinion up. Seems he is just tired of shooters that don't bring anything new to the industry, yet people get excited and buy them anyways.
I'm also sick and tired of military shooters, but I think it's misguided to take that out on Wolfenstein. It has a much more interesting setting than the Call of Dutys of this world.


The guy seems to have grown bitter and cynical towards the games industry. Maybe he needs to take a long vacation or think about retiring.
The real post adolescent male fantasy is thinking one can dictate and control what others think, are interested in, and enjoy.


I can't say I agree, I'm rather excited for the new Wolfenstein. I'm not taking it very seriously, even if it wants to take itself seriously.
I agree with him. I'd rather play an average mickey mouse game which hadn't been made in a while, instead of another freaking shooter.


I'd like to say "Put up or shut up", but the last time he "put up" we got Epic Mickey. So, I think it's time for him to shut up. Modern Warren Spector bums me out.
Epic Mickey or not, the man has a point.

Hopefully he's wrong and the game has some redeeming value.

Another generic FPS is one thing the world does not need.

The Boat

As someone who's only interested in shooters and most of the so-called AAA epic, visceral games sporadically and as someone who's also slightly annoyed that millions gobble up anything that falls in this category, I have to say Warren, no one's forcing you to buy Wolfenstein and no one's forcing anyone to stop making "alternative" games. There's room for everyone to have fun.
On the one hand, I agree with him. On the other hand, it's Bethesda and I hadn't seen this yet so I'm gonna go check out the trailer. Sorry Warren.


never played a wolfenstein game but the setting sounds amazing. the new one will probably the first one i buy though.


Did the world need another Wolfenstein? No, but it will probably keep people employed. I cant fault movie studios for making endless action movies that appeal to the masses and neither can i fault the game companies that do the same.

Now taking huge budgets and completely sinking a studio with mediocre games? That I do have a problem with, Warren.
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