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Was 'Scarface: The World Is Yours' the best GTA clone of all time?

Jul 24, 2016

The closest otherwise would be Saints Row 2 but it has its own set of issues.

I've played GTA clones from both True Crimes, the Saints Row games including whatever 3 and 4 were supposed to be, the reformatted Driver games and so on and none have really given you the complete package imo like SWIY.

Scarface was not just a GTA clone but it felt different enough that while clearly using a similar style you never really thought of it as just another GTA clone and it stood out on its own. Making a sequel to a classic film and setting the theme around revenge with a new set of aesthetics that none of the GTA games released at that point used made Scarface it's own game and not just a ripoff.

From how you explore, the theme, the travel and combat mechanics, the story, the locations, the world design, how missions are organized, integrations with the characters, radio stations they were all well done. It was a massive world that involved playing as an ex-Mafia lord in hiding now on the run and then picks up as you regain territory and restore your brand. The most GTA did with that is in San Andreas where randomly twice in the game, and optional, there throw some random squares on the map and if you kill a certain number of gangsters the squares change to your color, whatever the heck that was.

Saints Row started out in the right direction, but then went crazy with 3 then turned into a Crackdown ripoff that may at least to their credit, was better than Crackdown, at least Crackdown 2.

When Driver tried changing its identity to include off-foot GTA style combat things just fell apart.

True Crime (both games) was always a buggy piece of crap that barely worked and sometimes would crash your console although when things worked it was clearly ambitious trying to do more than they possibly could for many seconds. Sleeping Dogs went in a different direction losing the series identity.

It would be great for a remaster, no, better yet a remake with a larger world and the same plot. Of course Activision closed the original studio after Prototype 2's failure but they could get some talent to put out a remake, maybe remove some of those 9 or 10 studios making COD, They can even add an online mode to milk MTX just like GTA so it fits in with Activisions service game plans!

I believe that this was the peak of GTA clones, do you agree? If not what GTA clone do you like better and why?

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Nov 24, 2014
Saint Row, Sleeping Dogs, Mafia 2 and True Crime are well ahead of Scarface


Neo Member
Jul 17, 2020
It was awful, and I should have been all for this title, I love Scarface, especially during the teenage years, the story is empty, there are 4 or 5 activities that you'll have to carry out all along the game, the controls are awful, there is a bug that makes that if you change the appearance of your manor you will lose ALL the objects you have installed in the previous appearance, and many of them you can't get back, for a game that's all about money and spending that doesn't make sense. I'll give it a few points for the soundtrack that is really solid, but it just comes from the movie so cheers to devs for copy pasting a few mp3...

Honestly when you look at it you would think that its a spiritual son to GTA, but it really is not, sleepings dogs or true crime as mentioned before are way more qualified.
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Jun 7, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Sleepy Dogs is by far the best GTA clone, it doesn't even try to pretend that it isn't, much like the True Crime series didn't give a shit about being a clone. (Since, as everyone knows, this was supposed to be a true crime game) It was also made by a lot of ex-Rockstar Vancouver people so I think they really nailed what they were after and had some really cool systems (melee combat). It became that middle ground between modern GTAs grandiose scale and seriousness and Saints Row budgety/silliness. A lot of the people that made the core game of Sleep Dogs were laid off before Square picked it up and as far as I understand, UFG is a shadow of it's former self when all the work went into the game. I don't know if they have the resources or the talent to make another one, which is a shame.

I am the only person I know who really liked that Scarface sequel game. It was always hard for me to be motivated in these kinds of games (almost never caring about the story) but that gave me an actual motivation to make money: To decorate my mansion! It was this half-baked Sims-ish building editor, along with a way to call sweet vehicles right to your location at any time, that made me play the hell out of that over the course of several Blockbuster rentals.


Oct 28, 2012
Sleeping Dogs was pretty much only let down with its poor driving mechanics.

Mafia II is great but the open world is more of a backdrop without much to do in it.

But those two are most definitely the best of the rest.


Dec 7, 2016
León, Spain
Definitely one of the best: Good gunplay, gore, great car handling, interesting secondary missions.. My only complain was the lack of airplanes (you had a seaplane, but it was just a fast travel feature).


May 15, 2013
Sleeping Dogs is more of a story open world game, less of a sandbox. I think Saints Row 1 and 2 fit the bill of the best clones. Godfather 1 was also really fun.
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Dec 27, 2018
I don't understand the love for Sleeping Dogs. It's alright, but I played some of it about a year ago and it didn't knock my socks off.

Saints Row is probably the best. At least the first two games.


Feb 10, 2020
Underrated gem. But Saints Row 2 was the best imo. Especially since it was out at the same time that GTA4 was trying to take the series in a more dark, serious, realistic direction that I wasnt a fan of.
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Oct 13, 2020
I only saw my friend play it back in the day . We were joking the story was that Tony did so much blow , he had come back from the dead.

Looked fun from what I remember but it was a long time ago.


Oct 26, 2014
I preferred Scarface to sleeping dogs.
Sleeping dogs was great but Scarface had that building an empire feel to it. Sleeping dogs story was better though.


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Mar 3, 2021
Yes. I remember liking it better than GTA back then. I would go as far as saying that Rockstar took a lot of cues from this game, the car shooting mechanics, the loud gunfire, shootouts banter, and the heavier feel of cars, used in GTA IV felt inspired in S:TWIS. Also, they took Rage Mode for Trevor in GTA V.

You can really compare Sleeping Dogs or Saints Row The Third since they came one generation later. Also, Sleeping Dogs is more of a beat them up than a shooter, I would compare that one with Bully or The Warriors.
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Jun 15, 2012
I do prefer Sleeping Dogs, and The Saboteur, but Scarface is also pretty solid.


Feb 24, 2015
I never played this, but I don't really remember hearing the best things personally, especially at the time. I thought Saint's Row 1/2 were more so worthy contenders.

IMO I also agree with the Sleeping Dogs notion. It did similar things, but also mixed up quite a bit. I was so pleasantly surprised with it.