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Was there anything post-launch Nintendo could have done to "save" the Wii U from failing?


Dec 6, 2008
no, the wiu was doomed from the start and it's baffling that nintendo wasn't able to foreseen it considering that many people online, including myself, predicted one by one every single issue the console would have faced and how it was doomed to fail from the very start.

and it's not like ii'm some kind of highly paid market analyst
I'm amazed that Nintendo didn't take your online prediction seriously.


Aug 17, 2012
The Wii market didn't go anywhere. The problem was Western videogame developers who didn't want anything to do with the dreaded "casuals" who were invading their little worlds. That expanded audience simply moved on to iOS, Android and the indie gaming scene.
Yeah that's what i meant, they moved (mostly) to mobile.
Why buy a home console for some casual little game when you can get it for pennies (or for free) on a phone you already have?
There was little to no chance for Nintendo to migrate the casuals to the Wii U. What was left was mostly the Nintendo fanbase and even that was even lower thsn with the GameCube
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