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Watch Dogs 2: World Premiere Announcement - E3 2016 [Up: 18 minute video in OP]

18 minute video including dev interviews and tons of gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2qEYCuFxGs&oref=https://www.youtube.com/&has_verified=1

7 minutes of gameplay

Edit: New link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4oWfbqzGd0

It started.


Thanks, hopefully it is more than what was leaked.

It seems like it is more! Tuning off Deus Ex stream for this now.

Panda Rin

Yeah, this is very similar to the AC stream from last year

We fucked up Unity, here's how we'll fix it in Syndicate

We got a lot of feedback from Watch Dogs, this is how we'll fix it in 2.
I like that cover! More action, but please still have that good stealth. Also Watch Dogs was a great game that didn't deserve the GAF hate


I feel like they're suggesting open world multi-player. (just from the trailer)

If it's been in development for a while, maybe they pushed the same kind of MP as in Unity.


Looks.. kinda good to me. The Real gameplay footage. CGI trailer looked impressive, guess these will be PS5 graphics then!


honestly it looks like they are trying to improve a lot, im liking what im seeing so far, but need to see actualy gameplay footage.

Boxart is alright


inb4 "the main character's black?" tweets. And they used a WHITE mo-cap actor? Oh man, this controversy is going to be HUGE (/s)

Their San Francisco looks amazing. Hopefully PC performance won't be so fucking abysmal this time?
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